Asset Management


Asset Management 

Our asset management scanners facilitate the continuous identification of assets connected to the network. Active and passive scanners are capable of detecting physical resources such as servers and switches and software installed on servers and endpoints.

Network Elements and Servers

Identify Network resources and servers and any device connected to the network. Get alerted when suspicious devices are connected to the network or start behaving in potentially dangerous ways. Asset management is fully integrated with other features such as SIEM. Activity from multiple sources is correlated to identify potential threats.

Software Assets

The software has become as important as hardware lately. Our asset management allows for monitoring and auditing software installed on servers and endpoints. Monitoring software inventory allows for faster detection of potentially vulnerable or malicious applications or outdated software.


Customer Support

- 24/7 customer service and technical support.

Cloud Ready

- Integrates with PaaS, SaaS and all major Cloud Vendors

Cost Effective

- Save with single stack of tools.

Simple and Robust

- Simple cybersecurity management and better correlation.

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