Terms of Service

1  General framework

This document contains the terms and conditions of use and provision of the services offered by Hanco through this Hanco website, in person, and by other common means of communication; and service Hanco provides on Client premises, networks, infrastructure and websites.  "Terms of Service" refers only to this document and all its contents, including both the "Terms and Conditions" and "Service Level Agreement. Our arbitrary selection of either "Terms of Service" or "Terms and Conditions" in no way changes any meaning of any part of this document herein.

The content of the individual Terms and Conditions of respective Client Sites for their users (“User Terms”) will not supersede these Terms and Conditions (“Hanco Terms”), and no specific content of User Terms shall materially alter or abrogate Client obligations and responsibilities under these Hanco Terms, or any other Client order or Service Level Agreement (SLA) formed between Hanco and the Client.


Hanco is the provider of cybersecurity solutions, domain registration, website hosting, and other cybersecurity and website development services that can be contracted and purchased through Hanco.

  • User - defines any person or entity using Hanco services.
  • Client - defines any person or entity who initiates an order as a customer, their agents and owners or managers authorised by that customer to deal with Hanco.
  • Solution - refers only to a product, service or program provided to the Client by Hanco without specific warranty to provide an actual solution to any particular issue.  At no time shall solution be construed by the Client as a means or basis to resolve an issue or problem of any kind, nor shall it be understood that the Solution bears any form of certification, including but not limited to the Solution's efficacy or ability to repair, defent, mitigate or deter attack, damage or any other harmful effect.   The reason for and role of the of the word "solution" to refer to such services is solely due to the same word being present in Hanco Global Solutions Ltd., a business name which preceded the creation and sales of Hanco's "solution"-based products and services.
  • Cybersecurity Solution -- defines a particular type of Solution provided by Hanco to the Client understood to be applicable within the general cybersecurity domain, either with or without on-premises work performed by Hanco and associates, regardless of the method of delivery provided to the client by Hanco.
  • Client Sites – defines any website or server space provided to the Client by Hanco, either with or without web development work, regardless of whether those sites are hosted by Hanco.
  • Site Content – defines the text, images and other media required for the normal day-to-day Client business operation largely authored and provided by the Client and which is strictly the responsibility of the Client.
  • Site Feature – defines the plug-ins, components, custom code which form a unique, cohesive and prominent capability within the Client Site to enable the display of Site Content (e.g. Commerce, Membership, Advertising, Groups, Forums, Events, Messaging, or Videoconferencing).
  • Site Creation – defines that period of initial Feature Development with agreed Features for the Client Site, beginning at noon GMT of the first day a domain name has first propagated to the Client Site, with a duration not exceeding 60 calendar days. 
  • Site Operation – defines the period after the Site Creation period thereforth.
  • Feature Development – defines the installation, configuration and integration of a functional cohesive Site Feature at any time.
  • Feature Update  – defines process of routine and customary updating of a Site Feature by Hanco.
  • Content Update – defines the routine and customary updating of Site Content by the Client or at the election of the Client, by Hanco.
  • Admin Access – defines the access to the back end (wp-admin in WordPress, "Dashboard", Weebly dashboard and similar), provided by Hanco to the Client to update Site Content. 
  • cPanel Access – defines the access to the cPanel back end and to the various functions and features contained therein, provided by Hanco to the Client to effect changes to Client Site settings and/or to update Site Content. 
  • Hanco Sites – defines any website owned by Hanco for the promotion of Hanco products and services, featuring Hanco branding, but excluding Client Sites (as defined above).
  • Site Hosting – defines the service Hanco provides to the Client to make available online their Client Site, and is separate and distinct from all other services, including but not limited to Site Creation, Site Operation and all Feature and Content web development services
  • Order - defines any request addressed to Hanco by a Client requesting web hosting, web development services (including content or feature updates), or domain registration and which does not create contractual obligations for the parties.

3  Introduction

This document defines the framework within which Hanco agrees to provide products and services to its Clients and users. This document represents an agreement between Hanco and its Clients. All Clients and users of hosting services are subject to these terms and conditions.  Use by the Client of any Hanco Service signifies acceptance acceptance and Client agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions for the use of services offered by Hanco.

By filling in the order form and checking the box reading "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service", you agree to:

  • Guarantee that you are you are at least 18 years old. If you represent an entity, partnership or any other legal form of organisation in accordance with trade standards your registration forms this guarantee.
  • Provide accurate, clear and real information in the Order Form, including bank account information and any other type of information required for payment terms, and you undertake to update this information correctly and permanently.
  • Represent and guarantee that you have the authority to use the services under this contract. If you do not agree, agree to the Terms and Conditions, or any other changes, the only option is to disable yourself from Hanco services.

4  General conditions of use

Use of the Sites is possible only if the terms and conditions set by the site administrators are accepted in accordance with the legal provisions. Continued use of the Sites are the express and unequivocal acceptance of all the terms and conditions set out in the Supply Agreement and on the hancoeuropa.com website.

The use, including visiting and purchasing products and services on the Hanco website, implied acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions both with regard to the use of the site and with regard to the provision of products and services marketed by Hanco.

4.1 Messaging

Client agrees that written communications in any format, including including but not limited to WhatsApp, Teams, in-site messaging services, the Hanco Site, or by e-mail ("Messaging"), shall constitute formal and satisfactory means by which services may be requested, orders made, and through which Hanco may indicate acceptance of orders.  

5  Acceptance of the terms of use

5.1 Periodic change

In the case of the Hanco sites, including their services and their content, they are subject to the Client/User's acceptance without any change in the terms of this document. If you do not accept the terms and conditions set out in this document as a Client or as a User, do not use the Hanco website or any products or services offered through it, including but not limited to any hosting and web development services offered by Hanco to Clients.

By using the Sites (either the Hanco Sites or Client Sites), the Client indicates and declares that it accepts without any reservation or limitation to comply with the "Terms and Conditions" of use. Site administrators may review this document at any time by updating this page, meaning that we recommend that you visit this page periodically to read "Terms and Conditions" as this document obliges the Client to legally.

Each access to the site represents a new acceptance of the terms and conditions in place at that time as displayed by the Site Administrator. An acceptance of the terms and conditions in a previous form through a previous access to the site does not affect new accesses subject to the new Terms and Conditions.

Proof of the current content of the terms and conditions will be made, wherever and whenever necessary, by the unilateral issuance of such document by the Site Administrator.

Registered Users on the Hanco website

To use advanced services offered by the Hanco website, the registered users undertake to:

  • Provide true, accurate and complete identification details as required by the website registration form.
  • Maintain and update, as the situation requires, registration data so to be true, accurate and complete. If the Client provides information that is not truthful, is inaccurate or is incomplete, Hanco's Site Administrators have the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate the user's account and refuse all current or future attempts to use the Hanco website.

7  Account, password and data security

The users of all Sites are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the personal information and password, who is responsible for the use of the registration, regardless of whether the use is made with or without his consent.

If the user notices an unauthorized use of his or her account, he or she is obliged to notify the Administrator of the Hanco website of any unauthorized use of his or her password and personal registration.

The user also agrees to use the exit button in their personal account when they want to leave the site and account.

Hanco and the administrators of the Hanco website will not be liable for any moral or material damage caused by the user's failure to comply with these provisions.

Administrators of the Hanco website will be able to block the password, use of the services or use of any of its other services by users, or remove and delete any material within the services, for any reason, without limitation, without limitation to the reasons set out in Article 3 (1) (a) and (b). of this contract.

Any termination of the user's access to the services offered on the Hanco website may be effected without an early warning, the administrators of the Hanco website having the unlimited right to immediately disable or delete the user's account on the site and all information related to it and/or prohibit any subsequent access to the services offered by Hanco.

Hanco shall not be liable to the user or any third party in any way for prohibiting and/or deleting the account and access to the services made available through the Hanco website.

8   Copyright and trademark rights

All content of the Hanco Sites belongs to Hanco and is protected under copyright and intellectual and industrial property laws. The use without Hanco's written consent of any items belonging to the Hanco website shall be punishable under the laws in force.

By accessing the site, the Client is not granted any rights to the material on the site other than those involved in the normal use of the site.

Hanco gives the user the right to download the information from the site only for their own non-commercial use, provided that they do not alter the symbols and text relating to copyright and copyright.

Hanco DOES NOT confer the user's right to modify part or all the website, to reproduce part or all of the website, to copy, sell or operate the site in any other manner without Hanco's consent.

The User will not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, license, create derivative products, transfer, or sell any information or services obtained from or through the Hanco Sites.

The name Hanco Global Solutions and the correspondent logos bearing the name Hanco Global Solutions are trademarks of Hanco Global Solutions Ltd, at Technology House, 151 Silbury Blvd in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.  Other brands are also mentioned on the website. All are used by Hanco, either with the authorization of the holder or simply indicating products or services marketed and offered by Hanco.

Reproduction, imitation, use or application of such marks without prior authorisation from Hanco or the holders concerned constitutes a criminal offence and shall be punishable under the laws in force.

9  Accounting

9.1 Placing Orders

Clients undertake to provide complete, accurate and truthful data in orders.

As a Client you agree to pay for all products you purchase through the Hanco website, plug-ins and additional software for your Client Site you order (that are not specified as included in other Service Level Agreements with Hanco), web development work performed by Hanco on your Client Site, and make payment for the services and products used or ordered by you.

An order by the Client is formed at such time the Client requests a service or product by Messaging, and that request is confirmed to be fulfilled by Hanco.  The Client is responsible for the timely payment of all invoiced items and for making available to Hanco invoiced amounts, i.e. the value of the products ordered by the Client.

The total price will include the price of the product or service plus any applicable VAT (in force at the time of the order and payment).

9.2 Order Withdrawal

The Client has the right to withdraw from the transaction at no cost and without giving any justification either until 48 hours has elapsed from the time of placing the order, or the time of acceptance and processing of the order.  The processing of an Order takes place when more than 15 minutes of work by Hanco or affiliated vendors, suppliers and partners has been performed. 

The Client does not have the right to withdraw from any order or transaction during the Cybersecurity Provisioning Period, the Site Creation period, or in the case of all other services and products during Cybersecurity Solution or Site Operation, the order is processed, at which point the Client's transaction is final and confirmed by Hanco.

Until an order is accepted by Hanco, Hanco reserves the right to change the prices for the products and services offered through Messaging, and Hanco does not offer price guarantees or refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offer after the purchase.  Hanco further reserves the right to withdraw from any order and at any time.

Under the European Parliament and the Council adopted Directive 2019/770 concerning contracts for the supply of digital content and digital services and Directive 2019/771 on contracts for the sale of goods, all services defined herein as Cybersecurity Solutions, Marketing and Branding, Site Features, Content Update, Feature Development and Feature Updates, the right to withdraw by the does not apply to these custom-made services after 48 hours from the order date and time.

9.3 Payment by other currencies

All prices quoted are applicable only to payments for items listed under "Services" on the Hanco Site, and made and billed in that currency.    Hanco does not use direct currency conversions for product pricing, and each product has a separate pricing for each currency that is independent of actual currency exchange rates.

Where the client wishes to pay existing invoices in a currency other than of their Client account with Hanco (as indicated on the invoice issued by Hanco to the Client), the existing invoices will be cancelled and immediately re-issued in the new currency.   The prices for products and services in the currency published on the Hanco Site shall be used on the re-issued invoices at the time of:

  • The Client Request to change their nominated account currency;
  • The date of payment in a currency other than that on the invoice(s); or
  • The date of the credit invoice issued In the case of an "add funds" transfer or bank transfers and similar services.

Hanco may, at its sole discretion, choose to accept an amount paid in a foreign currency, and assign a value to the Client account (or pay Client invoices) for the intended equivalent amount.  In the case of the settlement of any dispute with Hanco, the Client agrees to accept the monthly average currency rate published by the National Bank of Romania (available at https://cursbnr.ro) for the month in which any transaction was billed (including but not limited to the issuing of credit invoices, payments using account credit balance or other sources, and the creation of orders and invoices). 

9.4 Contracts and Sales

By accepting the terms and conditions presented on the hancoglobal.com, hancoeuropa.com or affiliated sites, at the time of placing an order, the Client accepts and consents to the conclusion of a remote contract under which the remote sale will be made. This contract is a fixed contract and is not subject to change or negotiation between the parties.

Domain registration shall be carried out in accordance with the laws in force. Hanco cannot be held liable in any way for inconvenience caused by the provision by Client of incorrect or incomplete information.

Hanco will confirm to the Client by Messaging that the new order has been received.

Making and registering the order does not engage in contractual obligations for either party until such time as order processing has begun per 9.1 above.   The Client can opt out of the order by not paying the issued quote (job estimate) and Hanco can opt out of accepting and processing the order by cancelling it and returning the amount paid (if applicable).

The Client agrees that this confirmation of receipt of the order is not confirmation of the validity of the order or processing of the services ordered and does not generate contractual obligations on the part of Hanco.

The services ordered will only be confirmed and processed after payment and verification by Hanco staff.

9.5 Provision of EU VAT number

Hanco is registered for the Romanian VAT (TVA) of 19%, and will charge VAT on transactions to EU-based clients.  UK-based clients will not be charged VAT.

9.6 GDPR Compliance

The Client agrees to and is required to read the Personal Data Protection Information provided in the Privacy Policy prior to continuing the process of ordering and sending the data to Hanco by any means as specified in Article 4, paragraph 4 above.

9.7 Quotes, Invoicing and Payment

A quote may be sent to the Client at any time to clarify services offered and approximate pricing.  The quote has no fiscal or accounting value.

Client accounts will be denominated and client Quotes and invoices issued in either Euros (EUR), Pounds (GBP) or Lei (RON), at the sole discretion of Hanco, which may take into consideration but not bound by the preferred currency of the client, and the preferred client location of primary business operations in the sole opinion of Hanco.

Payment will be accepted by Hanco, and Hanco will consider the invoice to be paid in full, at such time when the Client pays the indicated amount in the currency denominated in the client account, following provisions of item 9.3 above.

Hanco reserves the right to accept payment only in Romanian Lei, and the Client agrees to pay in RON if so directed.  Indicative foreign currency amounts will be calculated at +1% (of the total of the billing instrument) over the published rate at the web portal of the Romanian National Bank (cursbnr.ro), based on the prices shown in RON on the invoice.   The Client must pay the amount shown on the invoice for it to be considered paid, regardless of the date of actual payment and any currency fluctuations which may have occurred between he date billed and the date of payment.

Hanco will indicate to the Client when the order has been accepted.

9.8 Hosting and Domain payments

The Client agrees to pay for Hanco hosting and domain services in advance for the period of time during which they are provided.   Hosting services may include allowance for routine maintenance and limited web development services during that future period.

Clients must pay hosting and domain invoices in advance at the beginning of each payment period within 5 working days of the issuance of any order or quote including wholly or in part hosting and domain items.

9.9 Payment for web development and other services

The Client agrees to pay for Hanco web development and other services (including but not limited to marketing, custom artwork, publishing and printing) upon the completion of agreed milestones or at project completion. 

The number of project milestones may depend on factors such as the estimated length of the project and the nature of work to be completed with each milestone.   Hanco may at its sole discretion consolidate planned milestone payments to form a single final invoice for payment at or near project completion.

Clients must pay for web development and other services already performed within 5 working days of the invoice being issued.

9.10 Tax Invoices

Once payment is made and received, the Tax Invoice is issued.  Tax Invoices shall be sent in  PDF format by e-mail in accordance with Emergency Government Ordinance (OUG) No. 106/2007, for the amendment and fulfillment of Law No 106/2007, 571/2003 of the Tax Code published in the Official Gazette. The following paragraph is added to Article 155 of Article 103 of 18/10/2007: (11) “Romania will accept documents or messages on paper or in electronic form as invoices”.

9.11 Account status

Suspension - We reserve the right to suspend any account, including Client access to web development resources (back-end), after 15 days have elapsed from the due date of payment of the quote if payment has not been made. Any extension of the payment deadline is at our discretion.

Account Deletion - We reserve the right to permanently delete all web hosting account data, or the removal of any or all web development work performed, after 30 days have elapsed from the quote due date if payment has not been made. Any extension of this deadline is at our discretion.

If the Client requests the resumption of a hosting service after it has been deleted from the server, or in the case of suspension of back-end access, the resumption of access to the back-end and web development content created or updated by Hanco for the Client, we will check if there is still a backup on the existing back-up solutions. If this copy exists, a new hosting invoice will be issued on the same package as the previous one, and the content will be restored after payment.

In the case of suspension of back-end access, the resumption of access to the back-end and web development content created or updated by Hanco for the Client, we be restored and  a new hosting invoice will be issued including any past-due amounts.  The access will be restored within 2 days after payment.

If the continuation of the hosting service is not desired and a back-up is requested it will be provided only after payment of a fee of 100RON + VAT covering the storage and cost of the action to provide the back-up on the existing storage solutions as well as the electronic delivery (download link) of the existing copy.

We do not offer any guarantee of the existence of a copy of the back-up on the servers or its integrity.

9.12 Payment Methods

Payments of invoices and other payments made using online intrabank transfer (IBAN, wire) to Hanco may be accepted in Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD) or Romanian Lei (RON).

Payment for hosting is made in advance, and if hosting payment is not made by this date, the hosting service will be closed, and after 10 calendar days it will be permanently deleted, including all existing data on the hosting account.

10  Domain registration

Domain registration or reservation (in the case of some domains) is done after receiving the payment as defined on the quote for registration services regardless of the type of domain .x, .eu, .com, etc.

Important: Once registered, domains cannot be deleted or changed regardless of the extension!

Hanco is not responsible for the situation where between the time of ordering, payment and domain registration, it is registered by another person or other hosting company.

In this case the Client can request either a refund of the amount paid for the domain or the registration of another domain with the same extension.

We are not liable for failure to pay on time for domains that require renewal, which may result in an activation fee or a loss of domain.

Activation fees depend on each domain type and are displayed on the hancoeuropa.com.

In the case of .ro domains, our system will automatically book the domain at the time of ordering. .ro domains are booked for 32 days at RoTLD, without the possibility of deleting the reservation during this period. By making an order for a .ro domain you agree to the domain reservation procedure.

In case of errors in the process of booking .ro domains in the RoTLD system we will do the domain processing at the time of payment or booking the domain manually at the time of error identification. We do not assume any liability or guarantee for any registration of a .ro domain by a third party if the automatic booking has failed, during the time elapsed until the booking or registration is manually processed.

The point of domains to hosting is done through the nameservers, which are set by the Client or by us at the request of the Client. The possibility of advanced DNS zone management is not offered for domains unless you have a hosting package, in which case advanced DNS zone management is via Cpanel.

In the case of Romanian or international domains, data shall be transmitted to the authorities issuing these domains (ROTLD, ICANN, Eurid, or international authorities issuing various domains). Hanco acts as a partner of these institutions by taking the data provided by the Client for registration and sending it to the issuer system for registration.

The rules for displaying personal data in these areas are the responsibility of the following authorities.

  • In the case of RoTLD: http://www.rotld.ro/
  • In the case of Eurid: http://www.eurid.eu/ro/
  • In the case of international domains issued by ICANN, processed through the term Demand Media INC, USA: http://www.enom.com/terms/privacy.asp
  • For domains processed through ENOM (com, net, info, biz, org) there is the possibility to hide the holder's data through the ID Protect option, available for a fee.
  • If the Client does not agree with the rules for registering these international domains registration cannot be achieved.
  • Domain registration is done in accordance with the general rules imposed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Depending on the domain type, the TLD (Top Level Domain) administrator imposes clear rules for registering and using Internet domains.

10.1 ICANN Consensus Policies

Hanco registers these domains through partner or ENOM; Clients who register international domains or choose to renew them must comply with the registration rules of ENOM: http://www.enom.com/terms/agreement.aspx

10.1.1Ordering and registering Premium domains

If the domain ordered by you is a Premium domain, we will not be able to register the domain for you. The determination of the Premium status of a domain is determined when the process of domain registration by Hanco personnel, or automatically by our systems, is started.

If the domain ordered is a Premium one we will contact you to determine either the refund of the amount paid by you for the order or to communicate to you the price at which you can register the respective Premium domain, or to register another domain with the same extension.

Note: Premium domains are domains consisting of few letters or with well-known or common names, but not limited to these rules. The Premium status of a domain is determined and provided by the ENOM system through one-off checks and may not be available when the order is made but only at the stage of Hanco’s verification.

10.1.2 Domain Registration .RO

Hanco uses RoTLD (Romanian Top-Level Domain) partners and Domain Registration in .RO Zone involves reading and accepting all rules imposed and regulated by RoTLD.

In accordance with the Partnership Agreement with RoTLD, Article 4, paragraph a), partners  display information on the registration of .ro domains, Registration Rules, Registration Agreement and the rest of the information concerning the registration and use of a .ro domain.

The Client agrees to consult the information provided. If you do not agree to the existing rules and conditions for registering and using .ro domains, do not place an order. Completing the order means accepting all of these terms and conditions.

Domain registration data is completed by the Client on order and is automatically transmitted by our partner via API to the authority issuing .ro domains, RoTLD, without interfering with them in the booking and registration process.

On the basis of the ICI RoTLD judgment, the annual maintenance fee was introduced as of 1 March 2018. The right to use a domain shall be acquired after payment of the registration fee. The extension of the right to use a domain is done by paying the maintenance fee before the expiry of the valid period of the right of use (expiration date). Failure to pay the maintenance fee until the expiry date results in the suspension and deletion of that domain.

Hanco, through RoTLD's partner (reseller), provides the domain registration service under a partnership agreement with RoTLD and is subject to RoTLD rules and decisions. Hanco does not guarantee or in any way guarantee that any of the conditions existing for domain registration (registration term, administration term, various fees) will not be modified by RoTLD in any way, including for areas already registered.

In the event of changes affecting .ro domain holders, Hanco will communicate through the website and other channels available to roTLD the information made available by RoTLD as soon as possible from which they become public and Hanco has become aware of this information.

10.1.3.EU Domains

 Hanco contracts registration, renewal and transfer services for .EU domains in accordance with the rules imposed by EURid (European Registry of Internet Domain Names) and the registration of .EU domains requires the reading and acceptance of all the ergs imposed and regulated by EURid.

10.1.4 International Domains

Hanco provides international domain registration, renewal and transfer services through partnership with eNom (eNom, Inc. Chicago, IL) and other authorities, in accordance with the rules specific to each domain type, rules imposed by TLD (Top Level Domain) administrators.

  • . COM - Commercial domains. ICANN - COM rules apply.
  • . NET - Network domains, general or commercial. ICANN - NET rules apply.
  • . ORG - Areas for organisations or commercials. ICANN - ORG rules apply.
  • . BIZ - Business or commercial domains. ICANN - BIZ rules apply.
  • . INFO - General purpose domains. ICANN - INFO rules apply.
  • . US - Domains only for the United States of America. UsTLD rules apply.
  • . UK - Domains for the United Kingdom only. The Nominet rules apply.
  • . In - India Domains. It can be registered regardless of the country.
  • . NAME - Domains for own names. ICANN - NAME rules apply.
  • . MOBI - Mobile device domains. MOBI details.

If the domain ordered by the Client cannot be registered for any reason (incomplete or incorrect identification data, unavailability, rules imposed by TopTLD and not respected by the future domain owner, premium domains, residency country requirements, legal status, scope, other situations) the order will not be accepted and will be cancelled and the amounts paid by the Client for domain registration will be returned.

In accordance with the requirements of Law No. 677/2001 for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented by Law No 677/2001. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, Hanco Global Europa SRL is obliged to manage safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data you provide to us about you, a member of your family or another person.

The purpose of data collection is to provide services and products according to current offers, as well as to register web domains on behalf of Clients and according to their orders.

You are obliged to provide the data, which is necessary in order to be able to identify the recipient of the services or products provided, or to register the domains in your name (as a Client). Your refusal makes it impossible to provide the service or product, or to register the domains ordered.

The recorded information is intended for use by the controller and, where appropriate, is communicated only to the following recipients: national/European/global web domain registration/administration authorities or their authorised partners (ROTLD, EURid, Enom et al).

In the case of international domains, data shall be transmitted to the authorities issuing these areas (ICANN, Eurid, or international authorities issuing various domains).  The rules for displaying personal data in these areas are the responsibility of these authorities:

11.1 Domain registration policies

11.1.1. EU Domains

In the case of Eurid (WHOIS Policy section): https://eurid.eu/ro/

Eurid .EU domain registration rules require the display of domain holder contact details in the Whois section of the eurid.eu, without the hiding the data.

11.1.2 International domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO etc.

In the case of international domains issued by ICANN, Processed through the term Demand Media INC, USA: http://www.enom.com/terms/privacy.asp

The rules for ICANN - ENOM domains require the domain holder's data to be displayed when searching for Whois.

For domains processed through ENOM there is the possibility to hide the holder's data through the ID Protect option, available for a fee.

Important: if the Client does not agree with the rules for registering these international domains registration cannot be achieved.

According to Law No. nr. 677/2001, in order to take the right of access, to intervene in data, to not be subject to an individual decision, and to seek justice, you shall be entitled to the right to intervene.

You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request the deletion of your data*.

For the exercise of these rights, you can apply with a written request, dated and signed at the contact@hancoglobal.com.

You are also granted the right to seek justice.

Your data will be transferred abroad, respectively USA and Belgium, and possibly to other nations, for registration of international domains (if applicable).

If some of your data is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.

Note: *every person has the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of data concerning him or her.  This right of opposition may be excluded for certain processes provided for by law (e.g. processing by financial and tax services, police, justice, social security).  Therefore, this statement cannot show whether the processing is binding; any person shall also have the right to object, free of charge and without any justification, to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.

By accepting this contract we inform you that the data provided when registering domains and the data provided for the billing of the services provided will be transmitted to the authorities that have the legal right to request them, in cases where they are requested by them, on the basis of t received from those authorities.

12 Guarantees and return of money

Hanco offers the possibility of return in 30 days!

The right of withdrawal is guaranteed to consumers under OUG 34/2014

Clients are entitled to a refund of the amount paid for web hosting services within 30 calendar days (extended from the 14 calendar days provided for in OUG 34/2014) from the payment of the hosting package, without specifying the reasons. Clients who wish to refund their payment for hosting services must request this by an unequivocal statement via an email to [[ANTISPAM]] or through the integrated support system. The request must contain Client identification data, confirmation that all data on the server has been saved, optional reasons for requesting the return of the money, and the information required for the return operation.

If the Client has also purchased a domain together with the hosting package and has benefited from a discount offer, the total amount paid will decrease the entire value of the domain (at the registration price without discount). The domain will remain the Client's property until expiry, depending on the registration conditions specific to each TLD.

The amount returned is deducted from the Bank Fees and those for Card Payment Processing (if applicable). Payment of the amount returned minus commissions will be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the refund request.

The Client must save all data from the web hosting account before making the refund request. From cPanel you can generate and download an archive that includes all the data in your account automatically.

Payment for domain registration cannot be returned from the moment the domain was registered, it is owned by the Client until the registration period expires.

The following return warranty is not subject to domain registration, security certificates, licenses, VPS or dedicated servers, any other services or products that are individualized at the Client's request (domain registration, IP activation outside of shared hosting services, allocation to a particular license domain) according to the REGIMENTARS OUG 34/2014, Art 16, C, on the provision of custom products or services.

12.1 Hanco offers extended refunds for the duration of the contract!

Hanco offers Clients an extended possibility of reimbursement throughout the provision of web hosting services for unused prepayment. The unused period of web hosting services will be returned for the remaining whole months unused, without calculating the free months and special offers.

Prepaid web hosting accounts are entitled to reimbursement in case of waiver of Hanco services for months paid and unused, when calculating the amount of refund taking into account only the whole months, the first month taken into account will be the same as the one in which the notice of waiver of web hosting services from the Client was received. The total amount refunded will be equal to the total amount paid by the Client for the web hosting package, which is subtracted from the amount for domain registration, licenses, gratuities and the amount for each month in which Hanco provided the Client's services, without applying monthly discounts granted for prepayment. The amount returned is deducted from the Bank Fees and those for Card Payment Processing (if applicable). Payment of the amount returned minus commissions will be made as soon as possible from the date of receipt of the refund request.

Return cannot be offered in certain cases and for certain services. Payment for domain registration, licenses, discounts or other gratuities is not refundable. In case of refund request for web hosting packages the price of your domain, licenses, discounts or gratuities will be deducted from the total amount. This rule also applies to Clients who have received the domain free of charge, a license, discount or free of charge following a promotional offer.

Payment for domain registration cannot be returned from the moment the domain was registered, the domain is owned by the Client until the registration period expires.

Because special services such as VPS or Dedicated Servers have a high commissioning cost the payment cannot be refunded, the servers will remain in operation until the deadline expires.

12.2 Hanco service guarantee

In case of non-operation (downtime) of servers / services offered by Hanco for a duration of more than 3% of a month for Web Development and Hosting Clients, and 12% for Cybersecurity Solutions Clients, the Client is entitled to an additional free month of web hosting. The amount of compensation may not exceed the monthly or total amount paid by the Client for the hosting service. Compensation is only offered at the Client's request in the form of free hosting services provided in the form of months. The non-operation of hosting packages must be due to hardware or software related to Hanco Global Europa SRL equipment and infrastructure and does not apply to external factors such as: internet connections, electricity supplier, gas, use or special emergency cases ordered in the laws in force.

The refund guarantee does not apply if the Client does not comply with the terms of the Hanco Service Level Agreement (SLA).

13 Use of services

Hanco's services will only be used for legal purposes. Any activities that may be considered illegal are strictly prohibited.  Client use of Hanco services shall signify acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Conditions.

Hanco reserves the right to delete or block access to content on the site, including Admin Access and cPanel Access, or server without prior notice. The right to use Hanco services will be restored once the account holder enters into law.

If a resold account violates the provisions of this document, we reserve the right to suspend this account without prior informing the reseller. The end user will not be contacted by us, and the reseller (Hanco Client) will be informed of our facts and reasons.

14 Using Space

The space provided can only be used to store files used on the site (html files, documents, scripts, images, multimedia files, emails) or are related to the activity of the site or company. It is not allowed to store files for filesharing, torrents, mass downloads etc.

Our servers will not be used under any circumstances for the transmission, storage or publication of illegal material (including legislation in Romania, the European Union and the United States).

14.1 Illegal materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Violation of a copyright or any other right of any third party
  • Materials or Links to movies, TV channels, mp3 or other media formats
  • Promotion of illegal activities (hacking, cracking, warez, etc.)
  • Materials protected by trademark or other secrets
  • Threats, abuse, harassment, slanderous statements
  • Materials designed to encourage a sense of hatred or discrimination
  • Adult content, nudity, pornography, any image or text with sexual or obscene content
  • Information or software about or containing any type of viruses or Trojans
  • Collection of personal information for use for illegal purposes
  • Personal data without the written consent of the persons concerned
  • Any content we consider to be harmful or illegal
  • Pornography or any other material with sexual, erotic, nudity or obscene content, links, redirections or other media related to pornography, are prohibited on our servers. Hanco reserves the right to decide on the legality of these sites and to block public access or suspend services.

14.2 The following scripts are not allowed on our servers:

  • Scripts for proxy or IRC
  • Scripts for Torrent Tracker or Torrent files
  • Scripts for Tops or Stats
  • Scripts for File Sharing
  • Scripts for Matrimonial or Swing, Sexual, Erotic, Adult
  • Scripts for Social Networks, Online Communities
  • Url Redirection Url Scripts
  • PhpShell and similar scripts for executing commands
  • FormMail scripts
  • Chat scripts, Live Support or whatever other chat system/live chats
  • Distribution scripts (hosted or links) media, video, music, live stream
  • Scripts (commercial or non-commercial) containing known security holes
  • Commercial scripts (paid or free) not updated to the latest version available
  • Streaming scripts

14.3 Message-sending policy

Sending commercial, advertising or mass email messages to e-mail addresses once or regularly must comply with our conditions. Such campaigns may be operated only with e-mail lists in which persons personally register by express agreement (according to Law 365/2002 Art 6, paragraph 1 and 2) in order to receive such messages and in all messages the procedure for withdrawal from the lists must be published. Any complaint received in this regard will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

14.4 Mass messages and advertising

Client accepts the following conditions to be observed when sending commercial, advertising or mass messages:

  • Mass email marketing campaigns or emails are only allowed if the Client has a Dedicated IP address.
  • Any email list greater than 2000 addresses requires a dedicated or VPS specialized solution.
  • Sending messages is only allowed between 00:00 and 08:00.
  • Sending messages must be shared so that no more than 100 messages/hour are sent. (sending higher values results in blocking the sending of all messages by servers like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail)
  • Sending e-mail messages en masse must be done through a script that uses SMTP connection.
  • The use of sendmail from CGI or PHP "mail()" is prohibited for sending mass email messages.
  • Addresses listed at Return-path:, From:, Reply-To: must work and have sufficient space allocated.
  • Send messages only to people who have given their express consent to receive messages via email.
  • Archive data entered by the recipient when you sign up for email lists including the date and time of registration, IP address and visit data.
  • Include in each email sent the complete and true data identifying the sender. Include in each email the ability to opt out of receiving email messages that must also be respected.
  • Email address lists must be kept up to date, make sure you have the resources to do so.

Any referral received to this effect and confirmed will result in the immediate suspension of that account without prior notice to the hosting account holder or reseller.

14.5 Anti-spam policy

Sending commercial, advertising or unsolicited messages called SPAM to promote any site using our servers or through other servers to promote any site hosted on our servers will also result in the suspension or cancellation of the Client's hosting account without the right to refund. Email lists may be made if persons sign up to receive messages through express personal consent (according to Law 365/2002 Art 6, paragraph 1 and 2) and the withdrawal procedure from the lists is published in all messages. Any complaint received in this regard will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

14.5.1 A message can be considered SPAM even if:

  • Has the last phrase "This email cannot be considered SPAM ..." or similar phrases.
  • If the sender identification data is incomplete or incorrect.
  • If you cannot demonstrate that a specific person has agreed to receive email messages from you.
  • If the procedure of withdrawing from the email base does not work.
  • If you use email lists bought (even with the invoice!) or received in exchange.
  • The email message is sent from another server.

Any referral received to this effect and confirmed will result in the immediate suspension of that account without prior notice to the hosting account holder or reseller.

The first time you must change the rules for sending unsolicited commercial messages, generically referred to as SPAM stipulated in the contract, hosting services will be suspended or the sending of messages will be limited. Unlocking or lifting the boundaries is done only after sending to Hanco Global Europa SRL by fax or e-mail a signed, dated and stamped declaration (in the case of companies) with the text "I have read, understand and agree with the policies for sending e-mail messages stipulated in the Service Delivery Agreement, Hanco Global Europa SRL."

The use of online forms for sending emails is done only through secure scripts to which access is restricted by the password or anti-robot systems. Failure to comply with these provisions results in the deactivation of scripts or the suspension of your account.

15 Use of resources

Excessive resource consumption is prohibited for hosting packages.

To ensure the proper functioning of the services, the sites (the hosting account together with the web services) must fall within the following limits:

15.1 Personal/ Reseller Packages

  • Maximum CPU consumption: 5%
  • Maximum RAM consumption: 96M
  • Maximum number of concurrent processes: 5
  • Maximum Execution MySQL (query time): 5 sec

15.2 BusinessSite and SuperSite Packages

  • Maximum CPU consumption: 10%
  • Maximum RAM consumption: 192M
  • Maximum number of concurrent processes: 10
  • Maximum run MySQL (query time): 10 sec

All accounts are monitored to track resource consumption on the server.  If an account uses an exceptionally large amount of resources, we will contact that Client to discuss it.  If an account uses too much resources (memory, processor), the account may be suspended, or the script disabled without prior notification of the Client to keep the server running smoothly. In the framework of web hosting and reseller packages "Shared Hosting" will not be accepted in any way large users of resources.  Hanco oversees compliance with the above by monitoring reports on resources used.

Clients can request that the package be improved or that the allocated resources be temporarily increased.  It is the Client's responsibility to contact us in advance to request increased resources to avoid suspending the account. In some cases, accounts are automatically suspended when the allocated resource limit is reached, manual intervention on our part is required for reactivation.

15.2 Restrictions, limitations, and software updates

Hanco regularly updates the software/system programs running on servers, such as the Operating System, cPanel (including additional software), PHP, MySQL, FTP, Apache (Web Server), server mail and other packages, plug-ins, components to stable versions made available by the manufacturers of that software.

Under certain conditions it is possible that the Features and/or software and programs offered are permanently removed or replaced by others to cover security holes, design errors and ensure the safe operation of the servers.

We reserve the right to impose hardware and software restrictions on the use of Hanco services without any prior notice, in case of known security issues that may lead to server failure or operation of programs installed on the server, even if this leads to permanent blocking of permanent access to web hosting services.

If Hanco discovers, following server monitoring or referral, an account in which illegal activities or files that may be used for illegal activities are carried out, the services will be limited, blocked, or suspended. Hanco will notify the Client and send examples of files or software from inside the hosting account.  Illegal activities are likely to be carried out by attackers/hackers speculating on the software used on the site or passwords saved on the computer.

The Client is primarily responsible for the updating of plug-ins and components through Admin Access, although Hanco may from time to time effect updates and upgrades to such plug-ins and components where the Client has not indicated this may be an issue due to any modifications, customisations or other features the Client has effectuated within their Client Site.

15.3 Automatic Anti Malware and Antivirus Protection

Hanco uses special software to detect malware attacks and infections.  This specialised software performs constant scans on the accounts and activity in these accounts to prevent virus and malware infections.

Infected files identified will be automatically quarantined to ensure the protection of the account and third parties accessing the site in question.  The likelihood of affecting the operation of infected sites is minimal, however, in certain situations, if important files (e.g. index.html) are infected it can lead to site malfunctions.

Clients are required to notify us immediately of any observed malfunctions to verify that this is due to malware infections. Under these conditions Hanco will provide the list of files quarantined from the Client that have already been quarantined or deleted by our server software, or for the Client cleaning them themselves.

Quarantine files are kept on the server for 30 days, after which they are automatically deleted by the system.

Forwarding mail (Forward) to certain providers of free mail services such as: Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, etc. is given only with specific permission from your Site Administrator but are generally blocked on our servers. We reserve the right to block or delete any such redirection, due to the policy of these providers to block the IP of the server from which this kind of redirections are made.

15.4 Apache / PHP Stopped Limitations and Functions:

disable_functions, including system, exec, passthru, proc_open, popen, shell_exec, symlink, link, mr, syslog, pcntl_exec, pcntl_fork, pcntl_signal, pcntl_waitpid, pcntl_wexitstatus, pcntl_wifexited, pcntl_wifsignaled, pcntl_wifstopped, pcntl_wstopsig, pcntl_wtermsig

15.4.1 Personal/ Reseller Packages

  • Applications that open connection sockets, for example: exec, shell_exec, link, socket_accept, and so on.
  • Open external files with functions: fopen, file_get_contents, and the like
  • upload_max_filesize=128M
  • memory_limit=128M
  • max_execution_time=180
  • max_input_time=180
  • post_max_size=128M
  • allow_url_fopen=off
  • register_globals=off
  • safe_mode=off

15.4.2 BusinessSIte and SuperSite Packages

  • Applications that open connection sockets, for example: exec, shell_exec, link, socket_accept, etc...
  • Opening external files with functions: fopen, file_get_contents etc...
  • upload_max_filesize=128M
  • memory_limit=256M
  • max_execution_time=240
  • max_input_time=240
  • post_max_size=128M
  • allow_url_fopen=off
  • register_globals=off
  • safe_mode=off

The number of email messages that can be sent from each account is limited as follows: Reseller Packages
  • 100 / hour
  • With IP DEDICATE: 200 / hour
  • 250 / hour
  • With IP DEDICATE: 500 / hour

15.5 MySQL access and limitations:

15.5.1 Personal/ Reseller Packages

  • MySQL Remote Access - OFF
  • max_allowed_packet = 1M
  • max_user_connections = 8
  • Maximum dimensions for optimal running of MySQL applications:
    • maximum database size: 50M
    • maximum table size: 25M
    • maximum number of table records: 50,000 lines

15.5.2 BusinessSite and SuperSite Packages

  • MySQL Remote Access - OFF
  • max_allowed_packet = 2M
  • max_user_connections = 16
  • Maximum dimensions for optimal running of MySQL applications:
    • maximum database size: 100M
    • maximum table size: 50M
    • maximum number of table records: 100,000 lines

15.6 Special conditions dedicated servers and vps

Payments made for VPS and Dedicated Servers are not returned.

Servers are offered without management; the Client is responsible for managing his own server.

The Client is responsible for back-up for existing data on VPS, Hanco does not provide server backup services and no guarantees regarding the integrity of existing data on the server.

Payment for VPS and Dedicated Servers services is made in advance. Payment for VPS and servers must be made by the end of the service by the end of the service at the latest. If payment is not made by this date the VPS or the server will be permanently closed and deleted, including all existing data on the VPS or server, it will no longer be recoverable after deletion.

The promotional VPS service is exclusively for companies; service is NOT available to individuals

The VPS service is intended exclusively for legitimate and legal activities (hosting websites, email, applications, etc.); it is forbidden to use the service for hosting game servers of any type, mirc applications, etc.; If you have any doubts about what you are going to host on the vps server, it is best to ask us before ordering this service.

The service will be suspended without notice if any form of cyber-attack, in particular flood attacks, is initiated from the VPS server.

The service will be suspended without notice if the VPS server receives flood-type cyber-attacks; Our assessment is that if the vps server was the target of such an attack, the reason for the attack is related to the applications run, which contravene this contract.

16 Support

Technical support, updates to Site Content, and development and updates to Site Features are provided as "best effort" services. Hanco does not provide guarantees of response times, quality of work or suitability to purpose, nor to the resolution of requests to the support system.

16.1 Technical support is provided for:

  • use of hosting services
  • use of email services within the cPanel interface (we do not support email software settings (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone Mail, Android Email, etc.)
  • use of Admin Access within WordPress so that Client may perform Content Updates

16.2 Technical support is NOT provided for:

  • use of software purchase and maintained by the Client for sending emails
  • checking and repairing site operation errors
  • free software made available to Clients (e.g. SiteBuilder, Softaculous, etc.)
  • Instructions for how to use common WordPress components such as page editors, settings and themes.

16.3 Back-up

Clients are required to periodically save copies of the back-up (backup) of data stored in hosting packages on their own media. For this purpose, the cPanel software to which the Client has access ("cPanel Access") provides archive generating tools (including but not limited to "Softaculous" WordPress complete back-up and restore tool) containing data (files, emails, databases) and hosting package settings automatically or manually via FTP, PhpMyAdmin, or FileManager as of your preferences. Clients should ensure that they have enough space in the hosting package to generate backups, that they are downloaded to their own storage medium and that the saved data is integrated and usable.

Back-up services (backups of security and data protection) are implemented by Hanco on multiple storage media and restore points that may differ depending on the package or server. Physical protection of hard disks is provided by RAID, hosting accounts are saved weekly (the running range is depending on the type of package) on storage media dedicated to this by cpbackup (cPanel), on external storage servers through specialised software and an external backup that can only be used in cases of force majeure.

While we are constantly investing in technology and resources, we cannot provide any guarantee son about the proper operation of backup systems, the existence of backup data, or the integrity of data stored for backup purposes. Since in certain cases and conjunctures the data may be lost without the possibility of being recovered, Clients are required to make copies of the back-up/backup of the data on their own storage media.

Backup copies that can be used to recover data are generated periodically overnight through the cpbackup system (cPanel) and the dedicated back-up system and kept on dedicated storage media in multiple versions (restore points). Clients have access via CPanel to copies created to restore or download their back-up files.

On request, we try to provide Clients with archives of the hosting package kept on the backup hard drive, however we do not offer any guarantees related to the existence of data or the integrity of the data in the backup. Clients are required to periodically save copies of the security (backup) of data stored in hosting packages on their own media, using the tools available in the hosting packages.

Clients can request manual restore from the Hanco technical team up to 3 restores per month. Additional restorations performed by the technical team will be charged 15 euros + VAT on a restore.

After deleting the hosting account from the server Clients can request a possible back-up search on the disaster recovery solution. This will be provided if it is identified for a fee of 10% of the previous 2 months of invoices + VAT where applicable. If the Client opts to resume the hosting service, this fee will not be charged.

17 Web development

17.1 Site Creation

Site Creation of the Client Site will be performed by Hanco as specified in Client orders and other communications by means as outlined in section 19 below, and to which Hanco has further agreed (the "Initial Order").  The Initial Order, including the entire body of communications between the Client and Hanco, shall be considered by Hanco to constitute assent by the Client to begin the Site Creation period.

The Site Creation period will end:

  • At 60 calendar days from the beginning of Site Creation,
  • On the fulfilment of the Initial Order solely as determined by Hanco, or
  • Upon any indication by the Client to Hanco that the site is in good working order;

whichever occurs first. 

17.1.1 Initial Content Updates during the Site Creation period shall be performed in a limited fashion and only according to agreed quantities and time required.  Hanco shall determine the amount of Site Content required to perform the Initial Order ("Initial Site Content"), and will include that Initial Site Content on the Client Site as part of the Site Creation.

17.1.2 Additional Content Updates requested by the Client beyond the scope and requirement of Initial Site Content will be billed at normal Content Update rates as outlined below in 17.3.  Client agrees that Hanco is the final arbiter of what constitutes Initial Site Content, required to provide Features with suitable content for testing, usage and other common development pruposes.

17.1.3 Initial Feature Development (as outlined in 17.4 below) will be performed during Site Creation will be performed only for the number of Major and Minor Features as outlined in the Initial Order ("Initial Features").

17.1.4 Additional Feature Development may be requested by the Client during Site Creation, and will be billed at normal Feature prices as published on the Hanco Sites.   Due to the complexity of integrating some features, Client agrees to additionally pay either Feature Update or Feature Development rates (at the sole discretion of Hanco) for any Additional Features requiring configuring, integrating or adjusting with other Initial Features.

17.2 Site Operation

Site Operation shall begin immediately after the Site Creation period and all development and content at the beginning of Site Operation will be considered part of the Site Creation.  During Site Operation, normal published prices and rates shall apply to all Feature Development, Feature Updates, and Content Updates regardless of the original date of service of any such item.

17.3 Site Content Updates

Hanco may provide updates during Site Operation to Site Content at the request of the Client asContent Updates, which are the addition, editing/updating, and formatting of the Site Content, performed by the Client or by Hanco and as elsewhere defined in these Terms.  Hanco may deny any request and for any reason, including but not limited to nature of content, complexity of content, lack of capacity to perform content updates, or discontinuation, suspension or modification of priority of Content Update services.

The client may perform Content Updates at any time free of charge using Admin Access, or may elect to pay Hanco to perform Content Updates.

17.3.1 Minor Content Updates:  For sites originally designed by Hanco, minor content updates performed by Hanco ("Minor Content Update", and billed as such) requiring less than 30 minutes of staff time may be performed at no fee one time per calendar month, also referred to as "Free Half Hour" in Hanco sales messaging to clients and prospective clients. The Minor Content Update benefit does not accrue, and expires at the end of each calendar month regardless of client billing cycle.  Due to the complexity, time required or any other reasons, Hanco may notify the client before, during or after the 30 minute period of Minor Content Update (and at any point within that calendar period), that completing the request will incur a fee as a major content update ("Major Content Update", below, and billed as such).  For sites not originally designed by Hanco, or not substantially updated and modified by Hanco (at Hanco's discretion to determine the extent to which any Client site may qualify for this condition), Minor Content Updates and any associated offers are not available, valid, nor are they applicable.

17.3.2 Major Content Updates:  The client may request Major Content Updates to Site Content at any time, and any such request forms an Order. Hanco will endeavour to effect such updates in a timely and effective manner and will provide the Client with an estimate of time required to complete the requested updates to Site Content prior to commencement of work.  The Client will pay to Hanco the current Major Content Update hourly rate as published on the Hanco Site for the estimated time required. In the event that the initial estimated period is exceeded due to any unforeseen issue encountered in the process of performing those updates, Hanco will notify the Site Client of the current work status and a further estimate of remaining time required.   At that point the Client may opt to discontinue with further updates and perform updates themselves using cPanel Access and/or Admin Access as provided to the Client by Hanco. 

17.4 Site Features

      17.4.1  Site Features include but are not limited to the plug-ins, add-on modules, required custom coding, and settings that are required to perform discrete functions and allow specific capabilities on the Client Site, some of which are listed on the Hanco Sites under "Site Features".   Site Features may or may not include components written and licenced by third-parties, and may be wholly authored and created by Hanco. Client will pay for Initial Feature Development (as "Site Feature Setup"), and a periodic pro-rated fee for routine maintenance, updates to code, adjustments to Feature required by other changes to Client Site, and any product licensing fee required by third-party vendors.

      17.4.2  Site Feature Development may occur during either Site Operation or as Additional Feature Development during Site Creation, generally in two stages: As initial Feature Development (setup) and optional subsequent Feature Updates where requested by the client. Feature Development:  Client will pay an initial set-up fee for the installation, configuration and implementation of a Feature, which shall provide for the management and updating by the Client of their Site Content. Client will provide Hanco with initial requirements for the functioning of the proposed Site Feature, and Hanco will make undertakings to provide a Site Feature suitable for Client needs.

If, due to the complexity, time required for alternate solutions or any other reasons, Hanco requires additional plug-ins, components or other tools, Hanco will notify the Client of such exigencies.  The Client may at that time opt to cancel the Feature, agree to additional estimated expenses required to complete the Feature, or modify requirements to suit existing developed capabilities of the Feature at that time. Feature Updates:  The client may request Feature Updates for existing Site Features previously developed by Hanco at any time (billed as "Feature Update"), and any such request forms an Order.  Hanco will endeavour to effect such updates in a timely and effective manner and will provide the Client with an estimate of time required to complete the requested updates to Site Feature prior to commencement of work. 

The Client will pay to Hanco the current Feature Update hourly rate as published on the Hanco Site for the estimated time required. In the event that the initial estimated period is exceeded due to any unforeseen issue encountered in the process of performing those updates, Hanco will notify the Client of the current work status and a further estimate of remaining time required. At that point the Client may opt to discontinue with further Feature Update work where most requirements have been met, or in the case the Feature would not be usable or less than half of the requirements have been fulfilled, Hanco will not charge for (or in the case that payment has been made by the Client specifically for the Feature Update, will refund payments made for) the Feature.

17.5 Feature Instruction

 Feature Instruction:  The client may request Feature Instruction for primary administrators of the Client Site ("Admins") developed by Hanco at any time (billed as "Feature Instruction"), and any such request forms an Order.

17.5.1 Provision of Feature Instruction:  Feature Instruction may be given by any Messaging, including Zoom, or other medium whereby screen sharing, video and audio are all available to all participants in the session. Hanco may consent to provide Feature Instruction either during Site Creation or Site Operation, at the sole discretion of and as is deemed appropriate by Hanco, or not at all for any given Site Feature.   Where Hanco is unable to provide Feature Instruction, Client will rely on existing help documentation. The Client will pay to Hanco the current Feature Instruction hourly rate as published on the Hanco Site for the actual time required by Hanco to instruct Admins. At any point during the instruction, Client may opt to discontinue with further Feature Instruction.   All Feature Instruction fees are non-refundable.

17.5.2 Feature Instruction for Admins is intended only to supplement the existing help documentation included with the Site Feature by the third-party vendor, or where Hanco has authored substantial portions of the Site Feature, help documentation provided by Hanco.   Hanco will endeavour to effect such instructions in a manner and at times convenient for Admins and will endeavour on a "best-effort" basis to limit the time required for Admins to effectively learn how to operate, administrate and perform Content Updates using Site Features. 

17.5.3 Feature Instruction for Groups is intended to familiarise novice users with the main components of a Site Feature, and is intended to supplement the instruction given by Admins to those users.  Where Admins wish to extend instruction to a group of staff, users or any other persons designated by the Admin(s) to receive Feature Instruction, Client will pay an additional 25% of the published hourly Feature Instruction rate per attendee.  

17.5.4 Included Feature Instruction:   Some Site Development packages may include either set units of instruction (expressed in a maximum number of Site Instruction hours that are included) for a Site Feature ("Feature Unit Instruction").   Any Feature Instruction beyond the included units/hours will be billed at the hourly Site Feature Instruction rate as published on the Hanco website at the time the additional instruction occurs.

17.6 Other Updates    

17.6.1  In the case of SSL Certificate provision and installation services, Hanco will only perform such services for Client Sites hosted on Hanco servers and refer to the supply and installation of the certificate on the server.   Where the Client maintains a Client Site with Hanco, Hanco will further make the necessary settings at the Client Site level.

17.6.2  In the case of the installation, configuration or implementation of additional server software, Hanco will provide an estimate for such work either on a per-service or hourly rate, similar to Feature Update rates.

18 Client responsibilities

Client is required to update contact information and at least one functional email address in the control panel, Hanco Client panel and billing data whenever necessary. We cannot be held responsible for confusion in the communication as a direct result of the Client's failure to update the necessary data.

The Client is responsible for keeping the username, passwords and other sensitive information such as: access to the hosting package, the Client panel, the software used on the site, and so forth. Should there exist any doubt about this, the Client must modify or request the modification of the authentication data by contacting the support team as soon as possible.

The Client is entirely responsible for securing the content hosted on our servers, and if the content has been compromised (infected with viruses, shells, phishing, etc.) is entirely responsible for cleaning and securing its own content. Hanco has no responsibility in securing or cleaning the Client's content.

Access Logs are processed daily by the server and automatically deleted. If you would like to archive the access history, the Client may save the access history (log access) using the option available in the cPanel control panel. The access history includes IPs that accessed the site through the http and/or ftp interface.

The Client has the obligation to keep up-to-date with the latest (newest) stable version of the commercial or free software/scripts used on hosting accounts. The Client is also required to update the scripts used within 24 hours of notification of the need to do this by Hanco. Otherwise Hanco reserves the right to delete or block access to the content of the hosting account without prior notice.

The Client guarantees that all materials of any kind held in the Client account, or provided to Hanco for use in web development, are owned by the Client and that the Client has the legal right to use or publish, and that any responsibility for the content of the account is entirely the Client’s responsibility, with Hanco having no responsibility for doing so.

Hanco Terms and Conditions.

Communication with the Clients of Hanco is carried out by mail, messaging services, voice or SMS or other communication channels using the contact information provided by the Client when making the order or later.

Client agrees to receive any information regarding services, quote and invoice issuance, notice of non-payment, suspension of services or other communications related to Hanco's activity on any of the above communication channels.

Communication with Clients is limited to the services offered by Hanco and will have no advertising purposes unless the Client agrees to do so.

We will only consider requests for data provision, password reset, data changes or service waiver notifications only if they are sent from existing email addresses to the Client account to ensure verification of the identity of the requesting Client.

If the more existing addresses in the Client account are no longer valid at the time of the Client's request for the provision of the information, or the request for information comes from an email address other than that existing in the Client account, Hanco will request from the Client a copy of the Company's ID Card and/or Registration Certificate as appropriate, to verify the identity of the applicant. We will also request a signed or/and stamped address from the natural person or company to modify the e-mail addresses in the system.

The Client agrees and understands that in the above situation, at Hanco's request, he is obliged to make the requested documents available to him, otherwise his request cannot be honoured by Hanco.

The documents requested by Hanco will be issued in a signed and/or stamped copy as appropriate by the Client, certifying the conformity of the document with the original, making the indication - according to the original - to this effect.

The Client assumes full responsibility for the documents requested and provided to Hanco, the latter being only obliged to verify the accuracy of the information on the documents provided by the Client, and not their validity or legality, the Client assuming by providing them their validity and legality and their conformity with their original.

20 Limited liability

We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the temporary unavailability of our servers, for whatever reason for doing so. This includes damage resulting from damage or loss of data. The Client agrees to guarantee and consider us innocent in connection with any claims and/or damages, but not limited to, caused to the resulting third parties as well as the consequence of the use of the services.

Hanco provides technical support to all Clients to ensure the smooth functioning of the services offered.

In case of excessive requests for technical support for personal purposes of the Client (restore, migration, etc.), Hanco reserves the right to charge either per hour or on the total intervention.

Hanco is not responsible for providing Clients with the access history of the sites (log access).

Hanco does not provide technical support for use for free scripts offered to Clients.

Hanco reserves the right to opt out of providing free scriptures at any time without prior notice.

The free scripts offered include, but are not limited to RVSitebuilder, Softaculous Package, etc.

Support service is offered only for the use of hosting services.

Hanco is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for providing Client contact identification data in the cases referred to in the "Domain Registration" chapter of this contract, with the Client understanding that without the display of this information, registration of international domains cannot be carried out.

Hanco is not responsible and cannot be held accountable, if the user's site has been blocked and reported as spam, access has been blocked if infected files (malware) that may harm third parties have been identified that may harm third parties, the site is exploited for use for activities with illegal appearance, or access to the site is blocked due to server failure or the existence of corrupt or defective files that cause the site or service to unavailability. In all these cases, Hanco shall be liable within the limits, terms and conditions set out in the "Guarantees and Return of Money" chapter of this Contract.

The Client understands and agrees that Hanco is liable only within the limits and conditions assumed under the "Guarantees and Return of Money" chapter of this Contract, any other liability of any kind, which cannot be incurred or claimed from Hanco, the liability and guarantee offered being the limitation provided under the chapter "Guarantees and the return of money" of the contract.

You agree that if we are threatened with trial by a third party, we may seek written assurances from you, assurances in which to promise us protection; in case you do not provide these assurances, it may be considered a breach of the contract between the parties and may lead to the suspension of the hosting service.

The Client understands and has an obligation to inform, and accept the registration rules, terms and conditions imposed by Hanco partners, regarding the registration of both Romanian and international domains, Hanco being only the intermediary between the Client and the partner, unable to be held responsible for the rules, terms and conditions imposed by the Client's partner, or any restrictions, requests, or DAMAGE, LOSS OF DATA DETAILS OF CLIENT OR DETAILS OF SELLER, INCOME OR OTHER DAMAGES BUSINESS DUE TO DELAYS TRANSMISSION ERRORS OR FAILURE TO TRANSMIT INFORMATION, DUE TO RESTRICTIONS OR INTERRUPTIONS ACCESS, BUGS OR OTHER ERRORS, UNAUTHORIZED USE DUE SHARING SERVICE ACCESS , OR OTHER INTERACTIONS WITH HANCO’S CUSTOMER SERVICE OR THROUGH HANCO FROM ONE OR MORE OF ITS PARTNERS.

21 Final provisions

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the services we offer you, please contact us and tell us what the problem is to resolve it. If we can't solve your problem and you want to break the contract you can inform us of this, and you will get your money back for paid for any amounts in the current billing period (not to exceed 30 days):

  • Monthly web hosting and maintenance services,
  • Any Content Updates not yet performed, and
  • Pro-rated payments made for Features and Feature Development,

You will not be refunded for domain registration, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Licenses of any kind, SSL Certificates, ID Protect, or other related services.

We will allocate all necessary resources in the investigation of acts of breach of system or network security and cooperate with the authorities in the event of crimes. Clients who violate these provisions may be criminally or civilly liable.

For Clients with multiple accounts or resellers, we reserve the right to suspend all accounts if the owner of the main account violates these provisions to an extent deemed by us to be very serious.

We are the sole party to judge what constitutes a violation of the above terms and conditions. Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions is a reason for suspending or disabling the account.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Romanian language version of the Terms and Conditions published on the hangoglobal.ro website is the official version.  This English version and all other translations are provided for general reference only.

The following translated terms are also provided for general reference and to assist in intelligibility of intent:

English term used

Official Romanian term

invoice, tax invoice

factura fiscală

Quote, Pro Forma Invoice

factura proformă

remote contract

contract la distanță

remote sales

vânzarea la distantă

OUG, Emergency Order

Ordonanța de urgentă


Hanco Terms and Conditions.

1 General framework

This document contains the agreed and acceptable level of services provided by Hanco Global Europa SRL (hereinafter referred to as "Hanco") through the hancoeuropa.com, hancoglobal.com, hancoglobal.ro other sites, and Client sites (hereinafter referred to as “Sites”). 

2 Definitions

The provider of services is Hanco Global Europa SRL, European Unique Identifier (EUID) ROONRCJ40/3929/2020, Unique Registration Code 42412996; Serial number in the trade register J40/3929/16.03.2020; Social capital of 200 RON; with head office at Stradă Pictor Arthur Verona (Painter Arthur Verona Street), No. 21, Floor 2, Ste. 3, Sector 1, Bucharest, 010312, Romania.

  • User - defines any person or entity using Hanco services.
  • Client - defines any person or entity who initiates an order as a customer.
  • Client Sites – the hosting service for client websites provided to the Client by Hanco.
  • Hanco Sites – any website owned by Hanco for the promotion of Hanco products and services, featuring Hanco branding, but excluding Client Sites (as defined above).
  • Service Interruption – any period of time where there is a prolonged and complete lack of service, including but not limited to periods of time where pages fail to load at all, or emails are not sent from Client Sites (smtp outgoing mail).

3 Our Quality Commitment

Hanco guarantees the functionality of hosting services with an uptime of 99% monthly.

If your Client Site is affected by a downtime or maintenance work that has not been announced at least 1 hour in advance, we will offer you compensation for the service interruption follows:

  • Service interruption between 0 and 44 minutes (0.1% of the month) — no compensation is offered.
  • Service interruption over 44 minutes — for every 1 time of downtime we will either:
    • offer you 3 days of hosting (by extending the maturity of the contracted hosting service by 3 days, or by moving your hosting and maintenance fee later by 3 days); or
    • credit a subsequent invoice no later than 30 days from the date of the service interruption; or
    • reduce or discount a billable service for the amount of compensation for the service interruption;

the method by which you are compensated will be chosen by Hanco.

4 Compensation

The maximum limit for compensation is 1 month (30 calendar days) added free of charge to the downtime service. Service availability is measured for one calendar month, excluding the announced maintenance periods.

To receive compensation, the client must send a request to Hanco within 14 days of the incident, and the downtime must be confirmed by the Hanco technical team.  Hanco may at its sole descretion, choose to compensate client automatically on the next invoice, per provisions of section 3 above.

For VPS, availability is measured by the server's response to the ping query.

5 Limits and Liability

Compensation shall not be offered for:

  • cases of forcemajeure
  • the unavailability of site officials for client reasons (site errors, malware, viruses, DDOS attacks, Flood, other computer attacks on the client's site) or software used by this.
  • malfunction of the national or external internet network, in addition to our data center network
  • DNS server malfunction that is not controlled by Hanco
  • client access issues via FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and/or IPs locked by firewall

No guarantees are offered, and we do not assume liability for any damage, loss of profit, unrealized benefits, loss of opportunities or any other losses suffered by the client or other third parties, directly or indirectly.

Issue Resolutions

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the services we offer you, you will use our support portal to raise any issues or problems related to your account or service.  Acknowledgement of your issue will be given by Hanco within 12 hours and resolution timeframes will depend issue level.   Please contact us and tell us what the problem is to resolve it.

Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Terms of Service final provisions

Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Managment and like services

Throughout these Terms of Service, for "cybersecurity solutions" and cyberscurity, Managed IT, Infrastrucure Managmenet and like services "Hanco" shall be deemed to refer to Hanco Global Solutions Ltd, a company registered in the United Kingdom under number 09438636, whose registered office is at 151 Silbury Blvd., Milton Keynes MK9 1LH, and all citations of legislation for such services are referring to those issued by the Government of the United Kingdom, whereby mediation as part of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process must first be engaged, prior to any arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 (UK).   If any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, including its conclusion, execution or termination, has not been resolved by ADR mediation, the Client shall engage an Arbitrator (CIArb) within Buckinghamshire to arbitrate in accordance with LCIA rules and procedures . The Arbitrator ’s decision shall be final and binding.

Web development, hosting and like services

Web development, hosting and like services, "Hanco" shall be deemed to mean the provider of such services Hanco Global Europa SRL, European Unique Identifier (EUID) ROONRCJ40/3929/2020, Unique Registration Code 42412996; Serial number in the trade register J40/3929/16.03.2020; Social capital of 200 RON; with head office at Stradă Viorele, No. 51, Block 37, 5th Floor, Ste. 24, Sector 4, Bucharest, 040427, Romania, and all citations of legislation for such services are referring to those issued by the Government of Romania, wherby any dispute arising in connection with the use of any services outlined in this contract (comprising the "Terms and Conditions" and the "Service Level Agreement"), with service interruptions, or for compensation, will be resolved amicably.

In considering legal terms and for or the avoidance of doubt, for Romanian clients and for those engaging Hanco for all web development, hosting and like services, the Romanian language version of these Terms of Service including both the Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreement (Angajament de calitate) published on the hancoglobal.com website is the official version.  This English version and all other translations are provided to Hanco Global Europa SRL clients for general reference only. If any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, including its conclusion, execution or termination, has not been resolved, the Court of Commercial Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Municipality of Bucharest, (Camera de Comerț și Industrie a Municipiului București) hereinafter referred to as the "CCIB", shall arbitrate in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration and procedures of the CCIB. The Arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding.

Terms of Service.

Product and services descriptions are Copyright © 2022,
Hanco, All Rights Reserved.