Our all-in-one Solution for Web Development

All-in-one Hosting, domains, and expert development and design! We pride ourselves on offering a quality service at reasonable prices, following our Hanco is Here™ motto.


Our top-end SuperSite means that your site is meant for serious medium-to-large businesses

Your business image will be expertly coordinated, ensuring a professional and appropriate online presence

Extended Initial Content Updates to ensure your client offerings are online from the start
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Your dedicated SuperSite package includes up to 2 Domain names, dedicated IP address, 30 email addresses, and 50GB disk space.

  • //hancoglobal.com/our-services/web/minor-site-features" target="_self">Up to 4 Minor Site Features as needed to supplement your site with the bells and whistles to make it sing!
    €1699.00 Setup
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The perfect mid-range solutions for small business to make a big splash! Includes

Art and Design, including logo, signature look and feel

And a great server environment, including 2 Domain names, 10 email addresses, and 20GB disk space.

  • //hancoglobal.com/our-services/web/minor-site-features" target="_self">2 Minor Site Features (custom forms or maps, integration features and more!)
    €859.00 Setup
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We will get you up and running quickly with our most popular site for sole traders and smaller firms

▪ All the Custom Artwork required to make your site shine is included!

▪ Our great design team
will match your HancoSite to your brand image and ethos

▪ Your own custom domain name and 5 email addresses will get you started, with 2GB disk space too!

  • //hancoglobal.com/our-services/web/major-site-features" target="_self">Add-on Major and Minor Site Features as your site and business grows in the future!
    €439.00 Setup
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If you have a section of your business that is slightly apart from your core functions, a SubSite is a great way to showcase your unique offerings to your clients

▪ Built within your existing site, you benefit from using the Site Features you've already paid for.

▪ Our great design team
can build on your existing branding, or create new branding art to suit your SubSite look and feel

▪ INCLUDED A custom domain name for your SubSite and 5 email addresses too, with an additional GB of disk space added to your existing account.

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Build as you like and check in with us if you need any additional features.

Extra Storage

We will add additional fast SSD drives to your existing Hanco Web Solution to ensure that you have the space that you need to make your website really function well and serve up the files that your clients need.