Our HancoShield™ SME Starter pack:

Get a smart start on your security monitoring and reporting!

We combine our most popular features for start-ups and smaller firms in this Hanco Cybersecurity Starter version for SMEs!

Our special SME HancoShield™ to start you off!

Our top three most popular -- and needed -- features of our HancoShield suite are included in our SME Starter pack.

Each of these will ensure you are protected and are following the latest requirements to earn cybersecurity trust and monitoring status' for your company.

You will get the following items to monitor some of the most important items of concern for small firms:

- Endpoint Protection

Protect endpoints and servers with Advanced Threat Protection

- Compliance

GPDR, GLBA, HIPAA, SOC and ISO compliance reports and dashboards.

- Dark Web Monitoring

We keep searching the Dark Web for compromised users or PII data from your organization.

Solution Number: 24079-100-1
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