Feature Development:

Custom site features designed just for you!

Each business has its own unique requirements which are not always met by off-the-shelf solutions. Our expert coders will put together the features and functions you need for your particular site.

Additional time required for configuration and development (programming, coding, integrating and styling) beyond initial scope of your Site Feature.

When requirements change (it does happen!) or you want additional/new capabilities for your Site Feature, rest assured that we only bill for actual development time required!

Feature Development includes the installation, initial configuration and basic integration of a Site Feature.

With large Site Features, it can also mean the additional time we take to do custom coding, extend feature capabilities, and attach add-ons and upgrades to the basic Site Feature.

Feature Development usually happens during your normal Site Operation or sometimes as Additional Feature Development during Site Creation period.

After initial Feature Development (setup), you may find the need for optional subsequent Feature Updates, when changes to the basic "engine" of the feature are needed, which you cannot do using your normal Content Update options.

Initial Feature Development

Most of our Site Features include the necessary Feature Development required to get the Site Feature up and running, and integrated with other components.


During the Site Creation period, this is referred to as "Initial Feature Development", and applies to the Major Site Features and Minor Site Features, which are included with your Client Site.

Additional Feature Development

You are of course free to choose some Additional Feature Development during Site Creation, when you realise an extra feature is needed, or you change your mind and want things done in a different or new way. These things happen!

If making such a change during your Site Creation period, the extra work beyond the Initial Order will be billed at normal Site Feature prices.

If we do run into any issues, due to the complexity of integrating some features, we will let you know the nature of the issue with configuring, integrating or adjusting with other Initial Features.

Custom Feature Development and Content Updates: Whether it is our skilled work on Site Features to really make your site shine, or updating your Site Content when you don't have time, Hanco is Here to help!

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