Major Content Update:

More original information = more traffic and rankings!

Frequent and meaningful content updates mean that your clients or community members will stay interested and return to your site. Don't let things get stale!

We will update Site Content with fresh text, images and media you give us.  We are here to help you keep your day-to-day business operations up-to-date! 

Creation and Operation of your site

We are proud of the wide variety of Site Features we can integrate into your site. It is great when your users have a seamless experience when getting things done on your Client Site, and Site Features are the key to that happening.

Our popular Website Creation packages offer one or more Major Site Features, which include the installation, initial configuration and basic integration of the Site Feature.

Major Site Features

These form the "backbone" of your website, with one or more Major Site Features powering the basic flow of your website.

As the "core engines" of your site, we generally add Major Site Features during the Site Creation period for your site.

If you find that you need something more, we may be able to do some Additional Feature Development during the Site Creation period.

We offer several standard Major Site Features that our clients in the past have found useful, but are always happy to put together the right feature for you!

Whether during Site Creation or Site Operation, adding a major site feature is a great way to supplement and upgrade your website's capabilities at reasonable cost.

Site FeaturesKeeping it current

All of our Site Features qualify for our Feature Update service, for times when you need to make a few changes to the basic "engine" of the feature.

If you need your existing Site Feature substantially extended or with major new functionality, we also offer full Feature Development services.

Custom Feature Development and Content Updates: Whether it is our skilled work on Site Features to really make your site shine, or updating your Site Content when you don't have time, Hanco is Here to help!

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