Penetration Testing The most important first step in evaluating your vulnerabilities!

The most important first step in evaluating your vulnerabilities!

This well-priced solution is a popular favourite with our clients, and has yielded significant results. Your Hanco Penetration Test will help us know which solutions are right for you!

Penetration Testing

Cost-effective Penetration Testing

In the last couple of years, there has been a general improvement in much of the world’s economic prospects. However there has been a decline in the per capita income of several developing countries.

As service providers, we understand the economic challenges we face in today’s world. However, the validation of IT systems’ security within each organization should not fall victim to the times despite the choices that must be taken to uphold the institutional viability within each organization.

Our qualified staff have, over the years, acquired experience in performing IT review and testing services as well as working on security assessment of internal networks and systems in over one hundred financial institutions across the world.

Based on our experience with the aforementioned financial institutions, we have been able to see a variety of prices and descriptions of “penetration testing services,” ranging from the use of simple tools, to multi-layered tests on the penetration and exploitation of the vulnerabilities found, entailing days or weeks of work. This in turn has allowed us to notice how prices can dramatically vary with respect to the different service providers.

We offer a product that would offer the same quality service at a price for much less than the industry standard. This allows us to be able to stand against the market’s competition yet at the same time provide an invaluable service. Taking all aspects into account we made a decision to value our “penetration testing service” competitively.

It is vital to understand how hackers can get into your network

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