Identity Management We proudly present our own ID Management champion!

We proudly present our own ID Management champion!

Part of our signature Hanco CyberShield™ solution, identity management is an important defense for stopping intrusions and simplifying reporting and auditing.

Identity management 

Our identity management module simplifies management and monitoring of account activity in the organization. The module provides alerting capabilities to detect suspicious activity and simplifies tracking and auditing Active Directory.


- Get alerted upon suspicious activity, tracked users or privileged accounts


Active Directory Auditor

- Audit or explore ACL, Groups and NTFS permissions


Reports and Dashboard

  • Prebuilt reports to detect inactive users, users' activity history, and more


- Identity Auditor

Our identity auditor correlates data collected through the NIDS, HIDS, agents, Active Directory, and other sources to create alerts and reports. Indentity management capabilities include auditing: NTFS permissions, ACL, Local Users permissions, Groups, and OU inherited permissions, AD Assigned Permissions, and more. Integration with Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and AWS and other major cloud vendors are also available.


Customer Support

- 24/7 customer service and technical support.

Cloud Ready

- Integrates with PaaS, SaaS and all major Cloud Vendors

Save Thousands of Dollars

- Save with single stack of tools.

Full Integration

- Save the time and effort of integrating multiple disparate solutions. All components are already integrated.



Solution Number: 24258-130-1