Minor Content Update:

Fresh content and features mean better traffic and rankings!

We think this is the most important issue any business faces -- keeping the site fresh, updated and with the new content that Google craves. Old sites get fewer clicks!

Free Half Hour*!

If your updates take less than 30 minutes for us to do, there is no fee (one time per calendar month). Or, if it looks like it might take longer, or is going to be a bit complex, we will let you know whether it will continue as a minor or major update.

*Our Business Site and SuperSite accounts offer FREE half hour per month (see Terms)

Your Site Content is the text, images and other media you maintain for your normal day-to-day business operation.

The Site Features that we create for you are designed for you to update with your Site Content, as well as for you to administrate normally in the back end by making settings, filling in information, and configuring to your needs.

During Site Creation or when setting up a new Site Feature, we usually add some basic content to make sure things are working well.

"Content Updates" means the addition, editing and updating, and formatting of your Site Content, whether you do it or we do it.

Keeping your site up-to-date and looking good!

To keep your Site Content up-to-date, simply log in at any time to do your Content Updates free of charge using Admin Access, or may elect to pay Hanco to perform Content Updates.

If you would like us to help out, we can do either Major or Minor Content Updates for you.

Big content update jobs generally qualify as a Major Content Update. Hanco will endeavour to get your updates done in a timely and effective manner. We'll let you know how long we think it will take before we start.

If your prefer to do yourself -- you have full access to your content to complete the job yourself, no worries!

Standard Content Update hourly rates apply.

Custom Feature Development and Content Updates: Whether it is our skilled work on Site Features to really make your site shine, or updating your Site Content when you don't have time, Hanco is Here to help!

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