SimpleSite You get the keys and we do the hosting

You get the keys and we do the hosting

If you'd like to build it yourself, our SimpleSite will provide you with cPanel, WordPress and hosting to get you going!

If you have an existing site you would like to host with us, or are pleased to do all your own content and feature updates yourself, our Simple Hosting solution is for you! Also perfect for those who just want a hosting solution, our SimpleSite will give you full Admin Access and cPanel access to let you get on with your business.

Our great web development team is always available when you need them, should you need Content Updates, Custom Artwork, or other services.
We're happy to add a Major or Minor Site Feature to your site whenever you wish.
Feel free to transfer your own domain name, Simple hosting includes 6GB disk space and up to 15 email address free of charge.

All-in-one Hosting, domains, and expert development and design! We pride ourselves on offering a quality service at reasonable prices, following our Hanco is Here™ motto.

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