Endpoint Protection Stop threats with active endpoint detection!

Stop threats with active endpoint detection!

Monitors your endpoints and servers with Advanced Threat Protection and alerts

Endpoint Protection

Protect endpoints and servers with HancoShield Advanced Threat Protection

There are three primary goals of advanced threat protection: early detection (detecting potential threats before they have the opportunity to access critical data or breach systems), adequate protection (the ability to defend against detected threats swiftly), and response (the ability to mitigate threats and respond to security incidents). To achieve these goals, advanced threat protection from our end offers the following components and functions for your safety:

  • Real-time visibility – Without continuous monitoring and real-time visibility, threats are often detected too late. When damage is already done, response can be tremendously costly in terms of both resource utilization and reputation damage.
  • Context – For true security effectiveness, threat alerts must contain context to allow security teams to effectively prioritize threats and organize response.
  • Data awareness – It’s impossible to determine threats truly capable of causing harm without first having a deep understanding of enterprise data, its sensitivity, value, and other factors that contribute to the formulation of an appropriate response.

When a threat is detected, further analysis may be required with our technical team. 

Customer Support

- 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support.

Cloud Ready

- Integrates with PaaS, SaaS and all Major Cloud Vendors

Cost Effective

- Save with single Stack of tools.

Full Integration

- Save the time and effort of Integrating multiple disparate solutions. In UTMStack all components are already integrated.

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