Log Management (SIEM) The log information you need to manage security!

The log information you need to manage security!

Our Hanco CyberShield security information and event management feature centres on security information and event management.

Enterprise Log Management and Correlation

Every organization is different.

Our Log management, correlation, and visualization capabilities empower users with a flexible stack of tools that can be used to modify or create any dashboard or visualization.

We will provide security information and event management to collect interpretations, and store all the security information of an organization in a centralized database. Unlike several SIEM, you will save all events and log data, and not data only related to alerts on one stack. 

You Can build it

This module comes with more than 100 prebuilt dashboards and visualizations for many use cases such as CISCO firewalls, NIDS, HIDS, Windows Server, and many more. However, every organization is different, if there is a specific application or process that you wish to monitor, the system is flexible enough to allow the creation of new modules without writing a single line of code.

Log Analyzer

- A powerful user interface for log analysis and exploration


Dashboards and Visualizations

- A Powerful Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder for every use case.


Compliance and Reports

- HIPAA, GPDR, GLBA, SOC and ISO compliance and reports.


Correlation and Alerting

- Correlate logs from disparate sources and alert upon threat activity.


Documentation and Solutions

- Automated recommendations and resolution steps for threats and vulnerabilities.


Best practices

- Get notified when bad configuration is detected.



Customer Support

- 24/7 Customer service and technical Support.

Cloud Ready

- Integrates with PaaS, SaaS and all major cloud vendors

Cost effective

- Save with single stack of tools.

Solution Number: 23754-100-1