Active Endpoint Protection:

Sophisticated defenses and techniques with Active Deception platform

Featuring clever Preemptive Defense that actually makes malware believe it’s in an unattractive/hostile environment to attack, and also a Proactive Defense approach!

Active Endpoint Protection by Deceptive Bytes

Beating the bad guys at their own game!

We help organizations like yours!

  • Protect against unknown & sophisticated threats Prevent damage to data & assets
  • Reduce reputational risk
  • Reduce operational burden
  • CISOs/IT Managers

“98% of malware use least 1 sandbox evasion technique”.

Malware is very clever and evasive, using different techniques to evade detection and analysis by security systems & researchers.

Deceptive Bytes uses malware own sophisticated defenses and techniques, against it.
By providing an Active Deception platform that responds to the evolving nature of advanced threat landscape and interfere with attackers attempts to recon & take hold of enterprise IT.

Preemptive Defense

Making malware believe it’s in an unattractive/hostile environment to attack, reducing the malware motivation to attack and the chance of infection.
For example, creating detonation sandbox environment which deters malware.

Proactive Defense

Dynamically responding to threats as they evolve, based on the current detected
stage of compromise and changing the outcome of the attack.
For example, deceiving & stopping Ransomware, thinking it succeeded encrypting files as the solution safeguard them.

“One of the most promising technologies in cybersecurity”

C Level

  • Automate responses against detected malware
  • Reduce alerts & false positives
  • Adapt to changes in IT environments
  • Use Windows built-in security tools: Defender & Firewall Operate in unpatched/vulnerable environments
  • Improve employees productivity Reduce operational costs & resources Protect remote employees


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