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Our BusinessSite and SuperSite accounts include one or more Major Site Features in the setup

Shop and Products

Online commerce solution with shopping cart and basket, with option of popular payment systems!

We will set up the structure and pages needed to ensure your clients only see the best of your products and services.

Initial content updates included, see our knowledgebase for additional info.

Starting from
€149.00 Setup
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Product Subscriptions

Enables any Shop Product to have a payment period, including an initial period and for example, monthly payments for a specified period or indefinitely.

Starting from
€379.00 Setup
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Community Platform

Provides user profiles, groups, forums, Zoom, newsfeeds, activities, and multiple plug-ins to integrate with other Site Features.

This means you can set up your own social site to keep your valued clients and community members coming back again and again -- affording you excellent ongoing sales opportunities!

App for Community Platform

Provides both Android and Apple apps using your existing Community Platform. WIth increasing usage by mobile device users of social media, we will build your app so your users have easy access to newsfeeds, their profiles, groups, forums, and other Site Features you use.

Premium Membership Engine

Enables integration with existing membership, payment and social media engines with premium membership features including multiple memberships,

Basic Events and Calendar

Allows listing and detailed information for events, including a searchable calendar viewable by week or month, as well as custom listings for upcoming events.

Mass Mail Sending

Ideal for campaigns and any mass mailing need for your Business! We will configure and integrate the ability to put out large number of emails to your clients and maintain blacklist and related requirements to enable your Mass Mail Sending service.

Starting from
€149.00 Setup
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