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Making your HancoSite even better!

Custom Feature Development and Content Updates: Whether it is our skilled work on Site Features to really make your site shine, or updating your Site Content when you don't have time, Hanco is Here to help!

Minor Content Update

We will update basic Site Content (with fresh text and images you provide to us) to help you keep your site up-to-date and looking good! Our BusinessSite and SuperSite accounts offer a FREE Half Hour monthly (see Terms of Service)

Major Content Update

We will update Site Content with fresh text, images and media you give us. We are here to help you keep your day-to-day business operations up-to-date!

Content Creation

We will create new Site Content with well-written text to make your front page, FAQs, policies or product descriptions really look great! Our Content Creation service is for times when you just don't have time to make up the needed text for your site. See also our Custom Artwork service!

Feature Development

Additional time required for configuration and development (programming, coding, integrating and styling) beyond initial scope of your Site Feature.
When requirements change (it does happen!) or you want additional/new capabilities for your Site Feature, rest assured that we only bill for actual development time required!

Feature Update

Configuration, styling and further integration of existing Site Feature to improve or alter general capability, to provide an enhanced look and feel, or limited integration with other Features. (Extended programming, coding or complex integrations will require our Feature Development services).

Feature Instruction

While many of our Website Development packages have Site Features with help documentation, sometimes you need some extra instruction to get things going!

We give instruction to nominated site administrators, staff and even your clients needing to use advanced Site Features on your front end.

Custom Artwork

Great artwork to make your pages look and feel well-branded, balanced and bright. Make your products look their best and your pages speak to the user about who you are. Logos, headers, icons and backgrounds our specialty!

We also can offer your artwork and branding for finished advertising -- please provide us with dimensions and we will ensure your business image really shines!

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