Our expert development services

We use our IT management, cybersecurity and planning knowledge to bring to you secure hosting and web development services.

We use additional layers of defense and security on Hanco sites for our clients, from advanced AI firewall to anti-fraud software.

Hanco stays with you!

Once we finish with the Site Creation period, your site is finally good to go!

Your Site Operation period begins once we have determined your site has been created per your Initial Order.

That means that your site is open and running normally — and most importantly, you can get on with business.

Keep it growing strong!

From time to time, you may feel the need for additional features for your site.

As a valued Hanco Client, you can benefit from our great pricing for all Feature Development and Content Updates whenever you want!


Want something special?

Our Site Features can be plug-ins, add-on modules, our own custom coding that you need to get the job done.

We will set up your chosen feature and get it integrated with the rest of your site in short order.

Your existing features may need some enhancement or updating as well from time to time.

Such updates to your features usually involve just our time, but sometimes do require setup of an additional feature for you. We’ll let you know either way once we discuss your requirements.

Keeping your day-to-day content fresh!

Content Updates involve the addition, editing/updating, and formatting of your Site Content. Luckily for you, we never charge for your Admin Access or cPanel Access to your site, so you are free to update your content as you wish and when it is convenient for you.

If you would like us to do some updates for you — just let us know by sending us a support request or by making an order.

Our most popular Hanco site packages also include up to a Free Half Hour of content updates per month — so don’t be shy about using our services!

If it gets complicated for any reason, we’ll let you know before we go to far, so you can decide how we should proceed.


We are proud of the wide variety of Site Features we can integrate into your site. It is great when your users have a seamless experience when getting things done on your Client Site, and Site Features are the key to that happening.

Our popular Website Creation packages offer one or more Major Site Features, which include the installation, initial configuration and basic integration of the Site Feature.

What is Feature Development?

Feature Development includes the installation, initial configuration and basic integration of a Site Feature.

With large Site Features, it can also mean the additional time we take to do custom coding, extend feature capabilities, and attach add-ons and upgrades to the basic Site Feature.

Feature Development usually happens during your normal Site Operation or sometimes as Additional Feature Development during Site Creation period.

After initial Feature Development (setup), you may find the need for optional subsequent Feature Updates, when changes to the basic “engine” of the feature are needed, which you cannot do using your normal Content Update options.

Initial Feature Development

Most of our Site Features include the necessary Feature Development required to get the Site Feature up and running, and integrated with other components.


During the Site Creation period, this is referred to as “Initial Feature Development”, and applies to the Major Site Features and Minor Site Features, which are included with your Client Site.

Additional Feature Development

You are of course free to choose some Additional Feature Development during Site Creation, when you realise an extra feature is needed, or you change your mind and want things done in a different or new way. These things happen!

If making such a change during your Site Creation period, the extra work beyond the Initial Order will be billed at normal Site Feature prices.

If we do run into any issues, due to the complexity of integrating some features, we will let you know the nature of the issue with configuring, integrating or adjusting with other Initial Features.

About Feature Updates

“Why can’t it do that?” Is something we do hear from time to time!

Even after we have installed, configured and integrated your Site Feature, there is often some additional ability you realise would be handy.

Sometimes there is no need for the additional expense of a new Site Feature for your site, and the existing Site Feature can simply be updated to provide the additional capability you need.

Hanco-GroupBadge-SiteFeatures-75-white.pngGetting your Site Feature updated

All you need to do is let us know here when your existing Site Feature needs a little boost.

Hanco is here to help, and we will endeavour to get your Feature Update finished in a timely and effective manner.

What is involved?

We’ll of course give you an estimate of time required to complete the requested updates to your Site Feature before we start work.

In cases where we need to really extend functionality significantly, or where new more foundational work is needed, we are pleased to offer our Feature Development services.

Content Creation Development and Updates

We will create new Site Content with well-written text to make your front page, FAQs, policies or product descriptions really look great! Our Content Creation service is for times when you just don't have time to make up the needed text for your site. See also our Custom Artwork service!

Custom Artwork Development and Updates

Great artwork to make your pages look and feel well-branded, balanced and bright. Make your products look their best and your pages speak to the user about who you are. Logos, headers, icons and backgrounds our specialty! We also can offer your artwork and branding for finished advertising -- please provide us with dimensions and we will ensure your business image really shines!

Feature Development Development and Updates

Additional time required for configuration and development (programming, coding, integrating and styling) beyond initial scope of your Site Feature. When requirements change (it does happen!) or you want additional/new capabilities for your Site Feature, rest assured that we only bill for actual development time required!

Feature Instruction Development and Updates

While many of our Website Development packages have Site Features with help documentation, sometimes you need some extra instruction to get things going! We give instruction to nominated site administrators, staff and even your clients needing to use advanced Site Features on your front end.

Feature Update Development and Updates

Configuration, styling and further integration of existing Site Feature to improve or alter general capability, to provide an enhanced look and feel, or limited integration with other Features. (Extended programming, coding or complex integrations will require our Feature Development services).

Major Content Update Development and Updates

We will update Site Content with fresh text, images and media you give us. We are here to help you keep your day-to-day business operations up-to-date!

Minor Content Update Development and Updates

We will update basic Site Content (with fresh text and images you provide to us) to help you keep your site up-to-date and looking good! Our BusinessSite and SuperSite accounts offer a FREE Half Hour monthly (see Terms of Service)