HancoSites™ All-in-One secure website hosting and expert development
HancoSites™ All-in-One secure website hosting and expert development

Hanco Web Hosting and Development

We combine our IT management, cybersecurity and planning knowledge to bring to you our unique Website Creation solution.

Using a component approach (which we call “Features“) to grow your site as requirements change, you can be sure that we will remain by your side to perform Feature and Content Updates.

We do use additional layers of defense and security on Hanco sites for our clients, from advanced AI firewall to anti-fraud software.

HancoSite Solutions

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Putting it all together!

We are always pleased to get going on a new site for our clients

We use the term “Site Creation” for the first weeks of your website’s existence, through to the point it is ready for action in the Site Operation phase.

As soon as we understand what you want, we will use everything we’ve discussed with you to start the Site Creation. We will follow your Initial Order to put your site together as quickly as we can, and of course, we will keep in touch during the process with you.

How long does it take?

The Site Creation period can vary widely depending on the complexity and overall work we need to do. It is by no means an “overnight job”, and because of our dedication to artwork, styles and making sure Site Features are well integrated, it can take anywhere from a week up to a maximum of 60 days.

We will let you know when we have done everything on your initial order, and will look forward to you letting us know everything is in good working order!

What features can I have on my site?

We do offer a selection of some of our more popular components, which we offer on fixed pricing on our Major Site Features and Minor Site Features pages.

However, the possibilities are almost endless and our door is wide open to discussing your particular needs.

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When can I add new features?

Sometimes it is a good idea for you to add some more additional site features like that as soon as possible, so that integration with other features can be done in one go.

We normally add extra feature immediately after your Site Creation, in the Site Operation phase immediately following the Site Creation and through the life of your site.

But you are free to add new Site Features when the need arises, and we will suggest additional features when we observe the possibility of a great solution for you.

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What about my products and information?

As web developers we follow our “Hanco is Here™” motto to the core.

Our main job in building your site is making sure from the start that all the different Initial Feature Development is probably the most important foundational stage of your website’s new life.

In addition to Initial Feature Development, we are also happy to do some Initial Content Updates for you — in fact, we have to have a reasonable amount of “real-world” content to test out the Site Features you have chosen for your site.

What if I have alot of content?

If you have a whole bunch of items, whether text or image or otherwise that you would like to be part of your site, we are more than happy to help!

Our pricing models for our SuperSite™ packages allow for a reasonable amount of add more and more content as part of your normal Site Operation.

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We have your secure online presence sorted!

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