It is essential

Managed IT services are essential to any company looking to focus on their core business. It is a monthly flat – rate based contract between an IT provider and an organisation; wherein the IT provider proactively monitors and maintains the organisation’s workstations, servers and IT infrastructure,

A managed IT service provider’s work revolves around minimising IT/business downtime by identifying and rectifying issues before they happen,

By outsourcing your IT to a managed services provider — whether it functions as your company’s entire setup or simply supplements your current IT staff —  is one of the few ways you can harness the power of technology


How We Deliver

Hanco Global Solutions has a long history of building and managing IT assets for their client organisations. Since 2017, we have managed PCs, servers, networks, network devices and other IT assets with care and consideration, so that our clients can have the peace of mind that we will overcome any technical complications with speed and ease.

Ensuring Efficiency

Our managed services approach ensures efficiency by offering a variety of IT components at a fixed monthly rate. Our agile and nimble approach allows you to pick and choose the best plan for your company.

Comprehensive Review

The team starts off by performing a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure, software and systems to understand your current environment. Post review we will start fixing the high-priority issues and work towards improving the efficiency of your IT systems. Based on the service level agreement, we will perform ongoing / periodic monitoring and maintenance of your workstations, servers and IT equipment.

Why managed IT services?                  

Improved operational efficiencies

A Managed IT services team ensure your business runs smoothly, focusing on removing all the IT problems and roadblocks that can disrupt day-to-day operations. This includes monitoring /maintaining backups and providing tried-and-tested recovery plans so that in the event of a disaster, operations resume with minimal disruptions.

Strategic IT planning advice

Managed IT service providers consist of a team of qualified and experience IT professionals who can help you chart out strategies to improve your IT infrastructure and software upgrades and assist you in implementing these plans.

Access to a complete IT team

When you sign up to a managed IT services plan, you have access to an IT manager, a CIO and a team of IT professionals with the single focus of improving the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Managed IT service providers follow a proactive results – driven approach as their KPIs are directly aligned to the efficiency of the organisation’s IT systems.

Our management helps your business

  • Maintaining their workstations and IT infrastructure,
  • Updating and installing timely security patches,
  • Resolving network and internet problems,
  • Providing backup and disaster-recovery solutions,
  • Provision emails and set data accessibility restrictions, and
  • Anticipate and mitigate cyber security risks.

Plan on our support

IT Management Solutions for You

Our standard managed IT services package includes:

  • AnyShore, Offshore or OnShore – support desks,
  • PC and mobile device management,
  • Proactive IT monitoring and responses,
  • Scheduled IT maintenance and upgrade planning,
  • IT security measures to counteract viruses, malware and spyware, and
  • Business data backup, business continuity planning and disaster recovery preparedness.