Our vCISO is Ready Now!

One of the most overlooked benefits to a virtual CISO is the resources they bring with them.

In the case of Hanco, we hold a library of documents and tools to immediately implement within your organization. Such tools have already been tested in real world environments.

Our Hanco vCISO team maintains up-to-date info on policies and procedures, vendor risk management, business continuity plan testing, incident response plans, asset management, and so forth.  All these tools would require time and effort for any new CISO to create.

Hanco vCISO Team member

Hanco vCISO
The Right Solution

The CISO role is vital to the success of any organization in today’s constantly evolving technological landscape.

With the emergence of virtual CISO solutions like ours, organizations can now customize their CISO role to have significantly lower costs, greater control over spending, access to a team of professionals with various backgrounds, faster onboarding, complimentary efforts to existing staff, no conflicts of interest or bias, and more eyes watching over the security of your organization.

Our Hanco vCISO solutions are best-suited for small- and medium-sized organizations, though we have seen large organizations benefitting as well from the additional support.

Hanco vCIOS Team at work

Why Hanco vCISO?

Here at Hanco, we work daily with Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and have found it to the key person when dealing with the many cybersecurity services we offer our clients.

The CISO function is your primary defence against data breaches and malware infections, and we can help with our Hanco vCISO services.

Our smaller to medium sized clients have made the decision to use our Hanco vCISO service to save on expenses, and in some cases, to complement current CISO duties.

The uptake in use of in virtual CISO services like ours over the past 12 years is proof of the clear benefits our Hanco vCISO solution offers.

Benefits of Hanco vCISO:

vCISO keeps costs in check

Cost savings is a top reason we hear from clients interested in our Hanco vCISO solution.

As standard CISOs hold a senior role within most organisations, they of course answer to the board, and we have seen where this position is indeed well-compensated.

Our Hanco vCISO solution can offer 25% to 50% cost savings over a traditional CISO each year, and of course – Hanco vCISO will not need any of the staff benefits and overhead of maintaining a traditional role.

An important cost issue to note is how our Hanco vCISO expenditures generally go down over time.   Once our vCISO solutions spends more hours at the start, going over your IT security situation and developing the required policies and procedures, costs go down.

More Collective Expertise

With traditional CISOs needing teams of security professionals on their staff, you gain instant access to our Hanco team of IT security, audit, and compliance professionals. 

We are always on standby, ready to respond to your issues and events.

Our Hanco vCISO professionals have CISSP, CISM, CISA, and similar certification, and of course we have have experience with most relevant standards, frameworks, and regulations such as NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and ISO 27001.

The collective experience of your vCISO solution benefits from our team approach – something you’ll not find with a traditional one-person full-time CISO.

Less Bias, Better Solutions

Our vCISO team’s strength of collective decision-making results in less bias towards one solution or another, and more focus on the best possible solutions.

When you hire a full-time CISO, that individual becomes a member of your staff. They integrate themselves with the co-workers, systems, and culture around them. This is certainly a benefit as you’d want your staff to integrate themselves and feel a part of your work family, but for a CISO this can also create situations of conflict of interest or bias.

A CISO might be inclined to always agree with an executive’s IT security recommendations to keep them happy. A virtual CISO will have less fear of disagreement with executives, as their paycheque is signed by the provider firm and not the client organization. Many organizations without CISOs will throw security responsibilities on the CIO or IT Manager.

We have noted that some CISOs can be biased towards solutions they’ve used in the past. Prior experience should certainly be considered, but in some cases a CISO may overlook a superior security solution in favour of the one they know and have previously used.

With Hanco’s vCISO solution, we will provide you with a team of our Hanco professionals, all with their own prior experiences and thoughts on solutions. Their collective decision-making will result in less bias towards one solution or another, and more focus on the best possible solutions.

Faster Onboarding

As mentioned already, if you’re an organization without a CISO or one who is in between CISOs, there will be a cost and time required to find a new individual for this role.

After reviewing dozens of applications, vetting candidates, and negotiating salary, that individual may also need some training on your programs and environment. With a virtual CISO, the onboarding costs and times are often far less.

With our Hanco vCISO professionals on standby, we are ready to go from the start, with less training as they hold a greater amount of collective experience with various environments and programs.

Staffing and Budget Flexibility

Not only is our Hanco vCISO much faster to implement, but Hanco vCISO is also extremely scalable.

We are happy to assist you in budgeting a certain amount of weekly hours in Q1 for example, and then to scale down the weekly hours in Q2. A full-time CISO won’t be likely to agree to such fluctuations in compensation, but this is one of the many benefits to a virtual CISO.

You can pay as you go for the hours and responsibilities you need using our vCISO solution. You might only need them while you’re in between your previous CISO leaving and a new hire coming on. They also carry no complications associated with termination. You can easily end the engagement without the troubles you’d face when letting go a full-time staff member.

Filling Out Security Questionnaires

Chances are if you’ve ever worked in an IT security role, you’ve dealt with a security questionnaire in some capacity.

These questionnaires are sent to an organization by customers or partners to ensure they are working with a firm who will properly protect their data.

With the rise in vendor-related breaches, these questionnaires are becoming more common across all industries. These documents often include dozens to hundreds of questions regarding your organization’s IT security controls and practices and can also require plenty of follow up clarification questions to the sender. All you may already know, these questionnaires can be very time consuming.

Our Hanco vCISO team is ready to take over the responsibility of responding to such questionnaires, saving your team valuable time and effort and potentially freeing up your existing CISO for more urgent projects.