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The work-at-home solution


  • The access you need for your remote working staff, with our preferred remote working solutions include highly secure and scalable VPN gateways,
  • Easy installation with a USB stick or CD given to quarantined/separated staff (or mailed to remote staff), 
  • quick start from ten to thousands of users, with robust session management, application proxies and policy management. 

We know what remote working means 

Our solution offers using a minimum amount of hardware resources on the client machines, meaning smooth operation on the confusing array of possible remote working hardware configurations. 

Your users will simply download a desktop client, so your published applications are immediately available to your remote working staff.  We cover Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, so the devices your staff already have will largely be suitable for their new work roles. 

You see what remote staff are doing 

A quick overview of your whole remote working operation can be had using a graphical dashboard showing live users, license usage, resource usage and important gateway information.  

Your security certificates are generated from the console, with built-in granular administrative roles (Security officers and Administrators). Console can be accessed through a web portal or desktop client.  The portal features Clientless HTML5 based RDP for hosted virtual applications, virtual desktops and Microsoft RDP type applications. We can even fashion a hybrid model where the client agent provides full access to web based, client-server based and all other TCP and UDP based applications.  

How do my remote site staff start?  

We use a security-hardened, enterprise-class Linux distribution with an integrated installer for the base OS, dependency services and components, in form of an ISO. Of course, the beauty of the ISO is that can put on a USB stick or burned onto a CD/DVD and given to quarantined/separated staff or mailed to your remote staff. Staff will benefit immediately from a gateway, management console, user web portal and clientless HTML5 application access portal, along with a two-factor authentication service. Their host configuration like network settings modifications or reinstallation of firmware is managed by a small menu system.  

Easy to install  

Your staff only needs to visit the web portal and to download the lightweight client on the user device. Using the configured authentication server, your users can login using their domain credentials, and the portal will check for client presence and will download and install the client for first time login from user PC.  


Up to 10 users  

Up to 100 users  


1 core  

4 cores  


4 GB RAM  

8 GB RAM  


50 GB  

100 GB  


100 MBps  

1 Gbps  

Flexible deployments 

If your organisation would prefer a virtual appliance with the ISO pre-installed, we can cater to Microsoft Azure VM or Amazon AWS, as well as deployment for your on-premises infrastructure based on VMWare ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V (fully tested on both).

Whether on a physical or virtual host we keep security in the forefront, and for standalone deployment only one host is required (two hosts for clusters).  

As long as you have a 64bit processor, capable to run CentOS 7.2 and a USB port or a DVD drive to boot from the ISO, you are deployment-ready!  The same machine types are applicable to Amazon AWS cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud deployments.  

Great integration 

Using existing Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP directory services, Novell e-Directory or RADIUS server for user authentication and authorization, configuration is straightforward