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Let us attack you!

Our simulated but real-world attacks on your network and applications will pinpoint crucial exposures and potential weaknesses.

We will effectively mimic the techniques used by cybercriminals without causing damage or interfering with your day-to-day business operations.  This gives you the opportunity to address the security flaws that leave your firm vulnerable.

Our Hanco Cybersecurity staff hold rigorous security qualifications to ensure high standards:

  • SCS,
  • CCSA,
  • CCSE,
  • PMP,
  • CCIE,
  • CCNP,
  • MS Certified,
  • VMware certified, and
  • McAfee produce specialist.

Both sides of your firewall covered

As an internal user with access to physical infrastructure, we probe the local area network (LAN) and WIFI networks to identify how a cybercriminal could gain access to your firm’s confidential data even behind your firm’s firewalls. 

After internal penetration testing, our results will feed directly into our report and recommendations. 

Then, by testing your perimeter firewalls, we will establish an overview of vulnerabilities. This will mimic the motives of a hacker with ill-intent, a competitor, or just an employee seeking further information.

Our multi-faceted external attacks will show you where access is possible, probable and a threat to your operations.

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