Penetration Testing CyberSecurity Solutions

Our Hanco Cybershield™ Penetration Testing will find out how someone might get in to your network!

We offer a cost-effective penetration testing tool; we do not believe it should be that expensive to see if your systems are hackable.

In order to protect your company, we will provide state-of-the art penetration testing to see how healthy your firewalls are. We establish an overview of these successful penetrations and will provide a penetration test report to you.

The threats to your operations will be as clear as day and you will not have to worry about the open window into your network.

Price subject to change depending on scope of pen test.

Our Hanco CyberShield™ Enterprise Suite CyberSecurity Solutions

Our Hanco CyberShield Enterprise solution is designed for medium to large companies, and includes the complete suite of our CyberShield services all-in-one!

Our range covers a vast majority of security and network solutions such as vulnerability assessments (active and passive vulnerability scanners for early detection, with of the box reports for compliance audits) to gauging how well your network security functions.

We will keep track of your threats and report in any way you choose. We have Security information and event management. Collect, store and correlate log data, and use in compliance reports.

Monitor almost any cloud environment or SaaS application with ready to use Integrations. We are currently integrated with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Integrated with SaaS and PaaS such as Office365 and AWS Lamda.

Furthermore, our security involves dark web monitoring to ensure you know if your data is threatened on forums within the TOR browser.

Let us attack you!

Our simulated but real-world attacks on your network and applications will pinpoint crucial exposures and potential weaknesses.

We will effectively mimic the techniques used by cybercriminals without causing damage or interfering with your day-to-day business operations.  This gives you the opportunity to address the security flaws that leave your firm vulnerable.

Our Hanco Cybersecurity staff hold rigorous security qualifications to ensure high standards:

  • SCS,
  • CCSA,
  • CCSE,
  • PMP,
  • CCIE,
  • CCNP,
  • MS Certified,
  • VMware certified, and
  • McAfee produce specialist.

Both sides of your firewall covered

As an internal user with access to physical infrastructure, we probe the local area network (LAN) and WIFI networks to identify how a cybercriminal could gain access to your firm’s confidential data even behind your firm’s firewalls. 

After internal penetration testing, our results will feed directly into our report and recommendations. 

Then, by testing your perimeter firewalls, we will establish an overview of vulnerabilities. This will mimic the motives of a hacker with ill-intent, a competitor, or just an employee seeking further information.

Our multi-faceted external attacks will show you where access is possible, probable and a threat to your operations.

Full-scale Scanning, Testing and Reporting CyberSecurity Solutions

We will perform a complete one-time scan and test of all of your organisations network assets, to meticulously probe, test, and scan.

Our signature Hanco Cybershield™ Penetration Testing will find out how someone might get in to your network, while we will also perform in-depth vulnerability testing in one cost-effective solution.

Hanco is Here to investigate your vulnerabilities, and we do not believe it should be that expensive to see if your systems are hackable.

Knowing your weaknesses will keep your network safe. We endeavour to complete your Full-scale Scan and Test report within 30 days; time-frames may vary depending on network size.