Our Hanco CyberShield™ SME Starter pack CyberSecurity Solutions

We combine our most popular features for start-ups and smaller firms in this Hanco Cybersecurity Starter version for SMEs!

Make sure your systems are compliant with our Hanco Compliance feature, protect your endpoints with our Endpoint Protection, and don't miss out on the Dark Web monitoring -- a must for any small business trying to defend against their valuable client data leaking to third parties.

Only available to firms with fewer than 20 users.

Our Hanco CyberShield™ Enterprise Suite CyberSecurity Solutions

Our Hanco CyberShield Enterprise solution is designed for medium to large companies, and includes the complete suite of our CyberShield services all-in-one!

Our range covers a vast majority of security and network solutions such as vulnerability assessments (active and passive vulnerability scanners for early detection, with of the box reports for compliance audits) to gauging how well your network security functions.

We will keep track of your threats and report in any way you choose. We have Security information and event management. Collect, store and correlate log data, and use in compliance reports.

Monitor almost any cloud environment or SaaS application with ready to use Integrations. We are currently integrated with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Integrated with SaaS and PaaS such as Office365 and AWS Lamda.

Furthermore, our security involves dark web monitoring to ensure you know if your data is threatened on forums within the TOR browser.

Essential for any company

Data is the basic necessity of your organisation. We will empower your security team to analyse your data environment. 

  • Your security/IT teams will be empowered to automatically analyse what is happening across your data environment 
  • By monitoring continuously, unauthorised access to sensitive data is eliminated,
  • We will help you to adapt to changing environments (governance/industry compliance, technology, and deployment models) in order to shield the data.


Our data security services will be applicable to: 

  • Server and endpoints, 
  • Networks and, 
  • Cloud-based applications. 

Data security coverage includes: 

  • Network DLP, 
  • Cloud DLP, 
  • Host DLP, 
  • Drive Encryption, 
  • Data Classification and, 
  • Backup. 


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