Hanco provides you with a complete threat-surface assessment.


You probably know this somewhere at the back of your mind already, but its more than likely that you have data exposed on the dark web.


Malware has resulted in criminals now developing and sourcing new tools find newer ways of infecting networks. One of the most popular malicious services is ‘malware as a service’ or ‘malware distribution for hire’, as dark web statistics on malware show.

It is more than likely that your email addresses, passwords, credit card details and critical asset information is listed on a dark web forum for sale by cyber criminals.

This is where Hanco can help, we are different from “haveibeenpwned.com” we can find exactly where you are exposed, which of your user credentials have been compromised and information of your critical assets have been leaked. We scour the dark web, so you don’t have to and identify data that is compromised and for sale.  

This is threat intelligence combined with dark web monitoring.