Cyber Stories

Our Hanco clients and partners experience daily cybersecurity challenges and apply effective solutions.

We’ve put together some of the top pointers and information we’ve gathered through time here for your possible interest.

The Tech Expo portion of the Bucharest Technology Week set up in front of the People's Palace in June 2022
David Ciobanu

Bucharest Technology Week

A week-long intensive event focussing on Romania’s burgeoning tech sector, the Bucharest Technology Week showed off the best of Romanian ingenuity and strategies for now and the future, culminating in an illuminating speech by Minister for Innovation, Research and Digitalisation, Sebastian Burduja. #techweekro #innovation #romania #hancoweb

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Roughly 20% of all cybersecurity issues are created by human error
Cyber Stories
Gouresh Kamble

Human Error

Human error is responsible for many Cyber Security incidents. Hanco can help let you know how to avoid these!

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