Keeping it simple with Accessibility as a Service (click here for more info)

An all-in-one time saver!

The global crisis has put all of our IT budgets under pressure, but with Compact Identity, it is possible to get more from less. With mid-market firms pressed for time and resources, the pressure to sustain and grow implies the need not just for great ROI, but faster time-to-return. Compact identity is ideal for mid-market firms, with IDaaS offering a simple, low-cost way forward, which strategically builds on existing IAM investments.

ID as a service:

  • AD Provisioning/ De-Provisioning as a Service
  • Single Sign-On as a Service
  • Password Reset as a Service
  • New Hire Provisioning as a Service
  • Access Request as a Service
  • Movers as a Service
  • Access Certification as a Service

This is the world’s only integrated Access Management and Identity Governance solution, Compact Identity, and it’s already making waves!

What makes us different?

  • All-in-one, integrated access management and identity governance and administration
  • Amazingly simple – you do not need domain experts to implement and use
  • Cloud delivered with all benefits of SaaS
  • Consumer class user experience for immediate user acceptance
  • Detailed analytics and configurable dashboards, even for users, not just admins 
  • Also available on private cloud and on premise
  • Highest ROI in the industry

Inbuilt capabilities

  • Microsoft Integration: With Azure AD Compact Identity provides access request management, ULM & Governance in the Access Channel, to bring IGA instantly.
  • PAM: (Q1,2020) For internal as well as 3rd party privileged access, the integrated PAM solution reduces integration complexity and costs
  • Risk engine: (Upcoming release) Our integrated risk engine analyses historical and run-time data from both access management and governance sides, to suggest and automatically trigger actions
  • CIAM: (Upcoming release) An integrated customer IAM solution, that also incorporates incremental profiling and self-service password management