Hanco Global Solutions Ltd. is a Cyber Essentials provider certified by the IASME Consortium, an assured service provider of the National Cyber Security Centre
Hanco’s 360° program encompasses our Cybersecurity and Managed Services in conjunction with our valued Partners
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Cyber Essentials Certified

Our top Cyber Solutions

With operations headquartered in the United Kingdom and AnyShore centres in India, Romania, and the United States, we are well-placed to provide around-the clock (follow-the-sun) service and response.

We have you covered!

The components of our Anyshore solutions for cybersecurity may range widely depending on the proportions of monitoring, testing, and updating required for your network and operations.

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We will deliver on our objective to ensure your security posture is always at optimal preparedness undertaking assessments, increasing security tool efficiencies, and identifying gaps and solutions, including:

  • Accessibility Enhancement: Our services to increase overall accessibility include hyper-converged infrastructure (to simplify the management of your data centres), virtualization, load balancers (to increase your firm’s capacity and reliability of applications), and accessibility enhancement across backup, archiving, and storage processes.
  • Data Security: Data is the basic necessity of your organisation. We will empower your security team to analyse your data environment.
    • Your security/IT teams will be empowered to automatically analyse what is happening across your data environment
    • By monitoring continuously, unauthorised access to sensitive data is eliminated,
    • We will help you to adapt to changing environments (governance/industry compliance, technology, and deployment models) in order to shield the data. 
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Cyber Essentials Certified


  • Endpoint Security: We will protect your corporate network. Our endpoint protection services even accommodate for staff that bring their own devices (BYOD) into the workplace. We will update your device software when needed.
  • Gateway Security: Gateway security is crucial for the returning workforce and those working from home. Protect the way your company logs in, and manage your laptops, BYOD devices, and other endpoints with our different methodologies. We have carefully crafted a suite of services to fit your IT infrastructure.
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Cyber Essentials Certified

  • Hanco CyberShield™: You can get our full suite of SIEM products at 40% more affordable rates than the market. This involves everything from a vulnerability scanner to identity management. There is a starter and enterprise package based on what you want in your security suite.
  • Hanco GDPR Compliance: Our team of cybersecurity experts will ensure you are fully aware of compliance requirements outlined in the GDPR, ISO270001, and cybersecurity essentials program.
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Cyber Essentials Certified

  • Secure Educational Learning: HyLabs helps universities, educational institutions and L&D organisations create, manage, and monitor virtualised ICT labs and provide and provide real time access to the ICT enabled labs from any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • Virtual CISO (vCISO): Our experienced Hanco vCISO Team is ready to share their experience, complete with policies and procedures with your organization.  Take advantage of significant cost-savings over traditional CISO roles!
  • Vulnerability assessment: In combination with a penetration test and using our certified industry-standard tools, our deep research and subsequent in-depth assessment of your network and infrastructure will identify vulnerabilities.