Work from your home office in this excellent full-time position with great working hours from 10am to 8pm weekdays.

You will be on-call to answer basic questions and resolve issues for staff of a major law firm in England.

We are looking for a candidate who can learn quickly and is able to maintain regular work hours. We are happy to provide all training required for this exciting role!

While the majority of the work is done using our ticketing system, from time to time you may help the clients in English during a TeamViewer or Zoom call, to understand better their issues and resolve them.

Hanco supports international firms with advanced cybersecurity tools and secure online presence solutions

The experience you gain from this Level-1 support role will look great on your CV, and we will set you up with all you need. We do require that you have a PC or laptop suitable for running multiple applications and a good internet connection.

The ideal candidate:

We prefer someone in Bucuresti where we have our offices, but can be elsewhere in Romania as well.

Please apply now if you are interested, starting salary from €575/month, full-time on long-term contract.