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Our newest Premier Partner: Deceptive Bytes!

We are proud to announce that Deceptive Bytes has attained our Premier Partner status — read all about them on our Partner page!

NATO is making it's opinions known on cyberspace challenges going forward from June 2022

NATO: Article 5 for Cyber Attacks

NATO states cyber attacks will trigger Article 5. NATO updates it’s overview of cyberspace challenges going forward from June 2022, recognising #cyber as a sphere of focus for government and business.

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Our Log management, correlation, and visualization capabilities empower users with a flexible stack of tools that can be used to modify or create any dashboard or visualization.

Log Management (SIEM)

We will record, store and correlate your vital log data, which will be presented in important compliance reports.
#HancoCyber #LogManagement #hanco

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HyID affords next-generation identity and access management to ensure malicious internal and external actors are not gaining access to your network

HyID Silver

HyID is a futuristic identity and access management solution that safeguards critical business applications and data from misuse by internal as well as external users.
#HancoCyber #HyidSilver #hanco

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Digital Workspace Gold

Control your remote and local access with our integrated solution to manage your users. Our Gold version of Digital Workspace has additional features to cater for larger organisations.

#HancoCyber #Workspace #hanco

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