The Best of the East and the West!

There is a reason that Microsoft, Amazon,  Capgemini, Endava and more have chosen Iași.

The big university town benefits from its vibrant Moldavian culture (historically part of the Moldavia principality), with high quality of education and surprisingly low costs of living, despite western standards and practices of doing business.

Squarely on the border between traditional East and West cultures, we benefit from the flexibility to source  the right services and the right prices and for the right reasons.

Our Nearshore centre features the ability to have staff fully accustomed to work at times convenient for your operations!

Looking West and East:  Iași  (pron. “yash”)

Capital for 4.2 million people in Romanian Moldavia, Iași is home to seven major universities and pumps out quality candidates across an admirable range of fields.

Downtown Iași is dominated by a grand Cultural Palace surrounded by modern office towers full of major IT firms, from programmers and massive call centres, to app development and more.   English is commonly heard in meetings, and socially in restaurants and pubs throughout Iași, even without a single native-speaker at the table!

We chose Iași to fulfill requirements for our burgeoning Staff Augmentation operations for EU and UK clients.

As full EU members since 2007, Romanian candidates prove to be well-educated, experienced and cost-effective across a wide range of requirements.  From SAP to medical and other semi-professional and technical abilities, Romanians continually please and surprise our clients with their levels of professionalism and capabilities.