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Dark web monitoring should not only reveal to you stolen credentials, it should track them and notify when a leak is about to happen and provide threat intelligence on stolen data. We at Hanco are prepared to do this.
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The key feature of our dark web monitoring is the human factor!

Having this human element allows for the noise to be cut and real threats to be raised – this is essentially an extension of a secure human arm around your privacy, protection, and brand image. Saves money, saves time.

Why not use “have I been pwned?” 

HaveiBeenPwned is a superficial look, we do a deep dive where we monitor a wide variety of possible areas of concern in the dark web and elsewhere including:  
  • We investigate what is happening with your data, where it’s going, what is happening with it, and how it happened in the first place.
  • Helps with brand image protection – you can say with reasonable assurance to your customers that all leaked data is being tracked successfully (because every company is leaking data most likely).
  • We will connect with multiple dark web services (TOR, I2P, Freenet) to go into the dark web for you and search for your compromised credentials.
  • Attacks on networks may be inevitable, but proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data allows you to respond to a threat immediately to prevent a major breach.
  • We then provide intelligent awareness of compromised credentials before breaches occur. Dark Web analysis allows us to see industry patterns long before they become trends and offer the intelligence to keep you and your employees more protected.
Pwned is a case of looking, whereas our dark web monitoring and investigation provides the ability for remediation of stolen data and when an attack can happen.

We monitor 24/7/365

Other dark web services will give you a lot of unnecessary noise with reports.  Of course, it takes a lot of time to sift through the results to gain something meaningful.  Such services can be very expensive as well.

Once scoping is conducted, we can offer you our Hanco Dark Web Solution at much more competitive rates!

You should know your vulnerabilities -- let Hanco show you what they are!

Penetration Testing

Our Hanco Cybershield™ Penetration Testing will find out how someone might get in to your network!
We offer a cost-effective penetration testing tool; we do not believe it should be that expensive to see if your systems are hackable.
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HancoCyber SIEM and Compliance solutions offer the information and monitoring needed

Asset Management

Scan and facilitate the continuous identification of assets connected to the network. The Hanco CyberShield asset management will enable you to easily keep track of changes and access to your assets.
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