HancoShield™ is our innovative cyber security solution that protects and monitors across over 10 discrete and important functions.


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Our HancoShield solution !
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Roughly 20% of all cybersecurity issues are created by human error

Human Error

Human error is responsible for many Cyber Security incidents. Hanco can help let you know how to avoid these!

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HancoCyber SIEM and Compliance solutions offer the information and monitoring needed

Incident Response

When something happens, Hanco is Here! Our Hanco CyberShield™ Incident Response will allow you to remotely manage your environment and respond to attacks right from your own dashboard. We isolate the host, kill the processes, logoff and block users or IPs and much more
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Identity Management

Our signature Hanco Cybershield™ Identity Management tool allows you to simplify management and monitor account activity in the organization. The module provides alerting capabilities to detect suspicious activity and simplifies tracking and auditing the active directory
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