Cybersecurity is never a luxury!

Cyber security should not be a luxury

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Cyber security made simple
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Cyber security is complex and has a vast field of knowledge. We are here to make it simple and most importantly, proactive for you.

Digital Workspace

Digital Workspace Platinum

Control your remote and local access with our integrated solution to manage your users. This Platinum version includes all features of our lower service levels, and is perfect for large to very large organisations.

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A secure gateway for your workforce - work from anywhere safely

HySecure Platinum

Provides secure access to your company’s applications, data, and network services from anywhere, anytime.
Remove barriers for device, network and location, and easily switch devices.
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Our Log management, correlation, and visualization capabilities empower users with a flexible stack of tools that can be used to modify or create any dashboard or visualization.

Log Management (SIEM)

Our Hanco CyberShield security information and event management feature centres on security information and event management. We will record, store and correlate your vital log data, which will be presented in important compliance reports.
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Roughly 20% of all cybersecurity issues are created by human error

Human Error

Human error is responsible for many Cyber Security incidents. Hanco can help let you know how to avoid these!

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