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Hanco at CyberSecurity Show in Birmingham

A three-day intensive event focussing on the latest offerings in Cybersecurity technology, the CyberSecurity Show at the NEC Birmingham 25 – 27 April 2023 featured Hanco Global Solutions parntered with SOC Radar to inform and demonstrate the capabilities of the leading SOC Radar platform for clients from across the UK and the world. #socradar #hancocyber #cybersolutions

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Operational costs in cyber security

Too often in the SMB space, you’re forced into the path of least resistance, not because it’s the cheapest, but because it requires the least investment in research.

If what you’ve got checks the compliance box and you don’t have experience in how much the market has changed, everything will seem “OK” and not a priority for advancement

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NATO is making it's opinions known on cyberspace challenges going forward from June 2022

NATO: Article 5 for Cyber Attacks

NATO states cyber attacks will trigger Article 5. NATO updates it’s overview of cyberspace challenges going forward from June 2022, recognising #cyber as a sphere of focus for government and business.

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The Tech Expo portion of the Bucharest Technology Week set up in front of the People's Palace in June 2022

Bucharest Technology Week

A week-long intensive event focussing on Romania’s burgeoning tech sector, the Bucharest Technology Week showed off the best of Romanian ingenuity and strategies for now and the future, culminating in an illuminating speech by Minister for Innovation, Research and Digitalisation, Sebastian Burduja. #techweekro #innovation #romania #hancoweb

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