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Hanco is a Cyber Essentials provider certified by the IASME Consortium, an assured service provider of the National Cyber Security Centre.

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With operations headquartered in the United Kingdom and AnyShore centres in India, Romania, and the United States, we are well-placed to provide around-the clock (follow-the-sun) service and response.

The Anyshore solutions we recommend depend on the levels of monitoring, testing, and updating required for your particular network and operations.

Digital Workspace

Digital Workspace Silver

Control your remote and local access with our integrated solution to manage your users.
Made for any size operation, our Digital Workplace solution is scalable and flexible.

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Identity Management

Our signature Hanco Cybershield™ Identity Management tool allows you to simplify management and monitor account activity in the organization. The module provides alerting capabilities to detect suspicious activity and simplifies tracking and auditing the active directory
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Protect endpoints and servers with HancoShield Advanced Threat Protection

HyLabs for Education

HyLabs helps universities, educational institutes and L and D organizations create, manage and monitor virtualized ICT labs and provide real time access to the ICT enabled labs from any device, anywhere and anytime.
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Protect endpoints and servers with HancoShield Advanced Threat Protection

Secure Virtual Browser

Safe internet browsing with the Accops Secure Virtual Browser for Internet Isolation
Isolate internet from corporate networks via remote virtual browser, to enable a clean network and fend off cyber attacks.
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HyLite Silver

HyLite allows users to access corporate virtual desktops and applications, from anywhere, using any device simply through a modern and compatible web browser.
All a user needs is an HTML5 browser, such as Chrome, IE10, Firefox, etc
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One of our most popular solutions, our Dark Web monitoring will keep your organisation alert to security breaches and stolen data!

Dark Web Monitoring

Our HancoShield™ staff will continually examine the Dark Web for compromised users or PII data from your organisation and keep you up-to-date on any damaging information found on the Dark Web.
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