Our Secure Access Solutions offer the finest in real-world Cyber Security solutions to protect and monitor

Secure Access

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Make it easy for staff to get in, and hard for the hackers to penetrate your permiters! #HancoCyber #PricingSecure #hanco
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Our Log management, correlation, and visualization capabilities empower users with a flexible stack of tools that can be used to modify or create any dashboard or visualization.

Log Management (SIEM)

We will record, store and correlate your vital log data, which will be presented in important compliance reports.
#HancoCyber #LogManagement #hanco

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Roughly 20% of all cybersecurity issues are created by human error

Human Error

Human error is responsible for many Cyber Security incidents. Hanco can help let you know how to avoid these!

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You should know your vulnerabilities -- let Hanco show you what they are!

Penetration Testing

Our Hanco Cybershield™ Penetration Testing will find out how someone might get in to your network!
We offer a cost-effective penetration testing tool; we do not believe it should be that expensive to see if your systems are hackable.
#HancoCyber #PenetrationTesting #hanco

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IASME Certification

Cyber Essentials Certified Hanco Global Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce an additional layer of surety for our valued clients. We at

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