You should know your vulnerabilities -- let Hanco show you what they are!

Penetration Testing

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It is vital to understand how hackers can get into your network #HancoCyber #PricingPenetration #hanco
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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing :

Check your vulnerabilities with routine penetration testing
It is vital to understand how hackers can get into your network
#HancoCyber #PricingPenetration #hanco
The Tech Expo portion of the Bucharest Technology Week set up in front of the People's Palace in June 2022

Bucharest Technology Week

A week-long intensive event focussing on Romania’s burgeoning tech sector, the Bucharest Technology Week showed off the best of Romanian ingenuity and strategies for now and the future, culminating in an illuminating speech by Minister for Innovation, Research and Digitalisation, Sebastian Burduja. #techweekro #innovation #romania #hancoweb

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Our Log management, correlation, and visualization capabilities empower users with a flexible stack of tools that can be used to modify or create any dashboard or visualization.

Log Management (SIEM)

We will record, store and correlate your vital log data, which will be presented in important compliance reports.
#HancoCyber #LogManagement #hanco

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HyWorks by Accops is one of our top cybersecurity solutions!

HyWorks Gold

HyWorks Gold allows for your workforce to log in from anywhere at any time securely into applications, devices, and networks.
Improve security by consolidation
#HancoCyber #HyworksGold #hanco

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HancoShield Nexus

In the digital era, cybersecurity isn’t just a need – it’s a necessity. That’s where HancoShield Nexus steps in. A groundbreaking, all-in-one cybersecurity service, tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization. At Hanco, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cybersecurity. This is why we have developed HancoShield Nexus – a bespoke solution crafted for your specific organizational needs.

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