One of our most popular solutions, our Dark Web monitoring will keep your organisation alert to security breaches and stolen data!

Dark Web Monitoring

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POPULAR! #HancoCyber #DarkWeb #hanco
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Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web MonitoringDark Web Monitoring

POPULAR! Our Hanco CyberShield™ staff will continually examine the Dark Web for compromised users or PII data from your organisation and keep you up-to-date on any damaging information found on the Dark Web.
#HancoCyber #DarkWeb #hanco
HancoCyber SIEM and Compliance solutions offer the information and monitoring needed

Incident Response

We isolate the host, kill the processes, logoff and block users or IPs and much more.
You see an alert and confirm that a server has been compromised. You or the SOC team decide to isolate the host from the network and lock down the computer for forensic analysis
#HancoCyber #IncidentResponse #hanco

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HyID affords next-generation identity and access management to ensure malicious internal and external actors are not gaining access to your network

HyID Silver

HyID is a futuristic identity and access management solution that safeguards critical business applications and data from misuse by internal as well as external users.
#HancoCyber #HyidSilver #hanco

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The Tech Expo portion of the Bucharest Technology Week set up in front of the People's Palace in June 2022

Bucharest Technology Week

A week-long intensive event focussing on Romania’s burgeoning tech sector, the Bucharest Technology Week showed off the best of Romanian ingenuity and strategies for now and the future, culminating in an illuminating speech by Minister for Innovation, Research and Digitalisation, Sebastian Burduja. #techweekro #innovation #romania #hancoweb

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HyWorks by Accops is one of our top cybersecurity solutions!

HyWorks Gold

HyWorks Gold allows for your workforce to log in from anywhere at any time securely into applications, devices, and networks.
Improve security by consolidation
#HancoCyber #HyworksGold #hanco

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With our vulnerability measures you will have total control on where your threats are and how to combat them before serious damage is done.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment means you will be working with one of our experienced IT technical auditors, which gives our firm the ability to thoroughly analyse the findings in our review in conjunction with your internal IT personnel or with your external network services provider.
#HancoCyber #VulnerabilityAssessment #hanco

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